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Part 5: Mako love out of nothing at all

Mako love out of nothing at all

We're officially a Spectre now and they give us the Normandy because it's important to look good. I had intended to head off to Noveria and cheat us some P/R score, but it turns out we don't actually have enough points in either tree to really do that yet. Oops. So instead we go to find Liara.

People either love or hate the Mako it seems. You can drive up nearly vertical surfaces if you know what you're doing, but it handles terribly and in order to keep random idiots from ending up stuck it has this weird styrofoam-like quality to it in collision and will always right itself. I like to think that everytime Shepard comes back from a Mako session her crewmates are covered in vomit and it has to be cleaned out with a firehose.

I also show off a bit of a bug here. For whatever reason if you aren't on foot the game doesn't really recognize you're there and so the enemies just stand around and get murdered. If you stop, get out, and walk up to trigger the cutscene it works fine. To get the Mako in there on console you have to drive through at almost a 90 degree angle. Sometimes I can hit that right away and sometimes I can't (this was one of those times, I cut out about 5 minutes of flailing around like an asshole). I have also managed to get myself completely stuck in there, so I've found it best to make a save right before the gap. I've also shot myself off the rocks into the lava

Once we pick Liara up I'll actually go do some sidequests off-screen to gain some points and then cheat us proper. I can finish Noveria at that point if folks want, or we can go to Feros.