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Part 7: Cheaters prosper

Cheaters prosper

Off to Noveria in order to cheat ourselves some P/R score. Along the way we hax0r a dude's Blackberry, agree to smuggle for a jellyfish, murder an unpleasant woman, and get an asshole arrested.

The Asari thing with pseudo-native nicknames gets dropped really quickly (thank god). Liara is Little Wing and we are apparently an unshiny (or stupid) rock. It's here at the beginning of 1 and it never comes up again except as a callback in 3, though admittedly a fairly good one. It doesn't make sense in game context that we can literally kill people for interfering with our mission and yet we get stonewalled by a crooked middle-manager. I'd have liked it more if they just offered you the opportunity to shoot Anoleis where he sits and take his fucking pass, or you get a lot more xp/credits for doing it the other way but I guess game padding is important. You can not agree to help Parasini, get Qui'in to hand over his pass and be on your merry way. You get credits if you choose that option, hence Tali's comment.

For once Bioware's buggy conversation loops benefit us and our goal of a full P/R bar. The way you do it is after agreeing to help Parasini, go talk to Qui'in. Use the P/R choice and get your points. Then talk to him again and ask about Benezia, then choose "ask something else." The testify option will be there, pick your poison and do it ad nauseum until you're happy with your score. It's a relative thing (if you have too much in one score or the other you'll stop getting the 2nd option) so I recommend doing a couple red/blue and then switching it up. This also works on 360. The higher your P/R score, the more points available in charm/intimidate so I also threw some points into that so we can buy shit cheaper and sell them for more.

I'll grab the vendor's smuggling package off-screen because you just get some credits for it. You can return it to the jelly or go find Inamorda yourself and sell it to him directly. We're gonna veer off the main plot and do BDtS since you get some really good stuff out of it, notably amps/omnitools.

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