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Part 21: Ashley's ass in ashes

Ashley's ass in ashes

Lazyfire joins me again as we take out Saren's Krogan factory. Along the way we find out that he's also fiddling around with indoctrination and his ship is AN ACTUAL REAPER dun dun dunnnn. Which means Saren has been riding around in a sentient robot's colon the whole time, ew. We sort of take the piss during Sovereign's little speech but it's pretty cool the first time around. In the first game they do sound detached, arrogant, and rather alien. They get much more chatty later on, sort of destroying the illusion of uncaring machine gods.

We're also artificially forced to leave one of our crewmembers to die and sorry Ash, you'll get a nice plaque on the Normandy SR-2 someday. This section probably gave quite a few people fits the first time they played it, thinking they did something wrong. But nope. It would have been cool if you got something like in DA where you could have the other squad members who are ostensibly sitting in the Normandy with their thumbs up their asses mount a defense or rescue mission, but Bioware decided somebody gonna die. It is also kind of nice that there isn't a happy ending no matter what and someone you might be attached to eats shit.

Virmire seems like a point of no return but it's not, you can continue to do missions after you get fucked over. Including ones for Hackett which is just goddamn silly considering, but I guess nobody likes Udina and won't rat you out. You can even go back to the fucking CItadel and run around in the embassies with no one giving you shit.

One more update to wrap up loose ends and then it's final mission time! I'll probably take a short break in between games, like a couple of weeks but then we'll dive right back into 2.