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Part 5: The very model of a scientist Salarian

The very model of a scientist Salarian

The Drink
Jokah Cola

You put the fucking booze in the mixer and you drink it. Not complicated. Kirsch is cherry liqueur so it's cherry coke that fucks you up. It's unsophisticated and a bit trashy, much like Omega.

Simple version: I don't know how much more simple you can make it, but if you don't have Kirsch then put whatever booze in some coke.

The drinking game
Drink whenever Skoolmunkee tells a joke.

The Episode
Skoolmunkee saddles up to join me as we head to the quarantined slums to find Dr. Mordin Solus. There's some sort of plague raging through and it doesn't affect humans. Since Omega has no law enforcement (and no real laws for that matter) it's complete anarchy. Their fantastic plan for dealing with an airborne virus is to shut the place up until everyone dies and then presumably let a new group of poor people move in. The zone used to be controlled by the Blue Suns, a [strangely never heard of before this game] powerful group of mercs, but with the plague raging out of control they've lost ground and the vorcha in the area have moved in. Vorcha are inexplicably immune to disease of any sort.

Along the way we save a Batarian, and threaten to kill a couple of humans for looting all the stuff we were probably going to loot anyway. We make it to Mordin's clinic and he agrees to help us if we help to cure the plague. Mordin is one of my favorite characters. He runs at about a thousand miles a minute, even more high strung than most Salarians you run into. He was once with the STG (same group as Kirrahe from ME1) and now is on Omega handing out free healthcare to the poors. You can't make use of any of the upgrades you find until you recruit him, which is why we picked him up first. He effectively plays as an engineer, using tech powers and a pistol or SMG.

Before we can release the cure though, a group of vorcha have decided to shut down the machines and break all the fans so we'll have to take care of that before Mordin joins us.