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Part 12: Bone Zone

Bone Zone

The Drink
Rocket to the Face
2 oz Malibu rum
Red Bull

Simple version: I guess if you don't have Malibu use vodka?

The Drinking Game
Drink every time somebody fires a rocket

The Episode
Skoolmunkee helps me finish the mission. We either taser or kill a smoking batarian and sneak murder our way through the distraction effort to get to Archangel, the mystery turian. Except it's Garrus! OMG, never saw that coming. Anyway, he's holed up in a very nice condo shooting people. Good thing those clips respawn or he'd be fucked. We get to take out the merc bosses we chatted with in the last video, close some shutters, and have our video game shit the bed. Then Garrus tries to block a SAM with his face and we explode the gunship and Tarak's eaten ass along with it in retaliation.