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Part 22: Peas in a pod

Peas in a pod

The Drink
Chock Full O'Butts
2 oz Creme de Cacao
1 oz Frangelico
1 tsp Kirsch

Add ingredients to coffee (hot or cold) and stir.

The Drinking Game
Drink whenever someone says "Collectors."

The Episode
TIM wants to talk to us. Some Turians managed to disable a Collector vessel and we're supposed to go check it out. Sounds shady, but whatever. We pull up to a giant space-turd and it's just as gross internally. Aliens are bad at specimen management and also housecleaning. In a shocking revelation we discover Collectors are (or used to be) Protheans. The first time here it is quite spooky and the reveal is totally whoa man. Also I pick up a sniper rifle because headshotting shit at max distance never gets old, and it's actually useful since sometimes there are things we just can't charge

Well of course the ship isn't actually damaged and it's still full of Collectors so we have to GTFO as quickly as possible. Oh, and TIM totally lied, big shocker. After murdering our way to the exits we chew TIM out and then find out how the Collectors manage to get through the Omega 4 relay when nobody else can. Now you can totally choose to go ahead and pick up the IFF but that has...unfortunate consequences later on if you then also decide to get your squad's loyalty. You can choose to skip loyalties but that too results in unfortunate events (or not if you're trying to get rid of people) down the line. So we'll wait to get the magical MacGuffin and instead go pissing around the galaxy.

We'll have a short catch up section with the crew and then it's mostly wide open.