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Part 45: Fuck Cerberus

Fuck Cerberus

The Drink/Drinking Game
Same drill. We don't have any more drinks for this LP, but continue wrecking yourself if you feel like it.

The Episode
Concluding Overlord. Prometheus Station is a crashed geth ship that is dormant until we pull the plug, then everything goes to shit and we have to GTFO. Backtracking to Atlas Station, we kill a couple robits and then Shep pushes a button and ends up in the Matrix. We shoot up the core only to discover it's Archer's brother, locked into some horrible contraption that's half Giger and half Clockwork Orange. Once again proving that Cerberus just sucks.

Unfortunately we can't kill Archer here, we just pistol-whip him a bit and take David away. I have strong doubts about anyone that would leave him here. Even people who do hardcore Renegade runs and happily kill the Rachni queen and sell off Legion are like "ok, that's a bit much." For doing this we get an email from TIM that basically says we ruined the project. Boo fucking hoo. There is a callback in 3 with a really fun option that I may take advantage of.

Only Arrival left. I'll see if I can trim that down to a single long-ish video, since there are several stretches of running down corridors shooting people that aren't really exciting. But all will be concluded before I leave for vacation Thursday.