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Part 6: Ancient Assholes

Ancient Assholes

Heading back to where it all started to look for some stupid artifact. Poor Eden Prime, first the Saren problem and now they have Cerberus running amok and subjugating the populace. I know the Alliance is stretched a bit thin but you'd think they could maybe spare a couple ships to liberate an entire planet being held by a terrorist organization. In regular Cerberus fashion they're doing some kind of horrible shit to people but it doesn't say what.

Then we find the artifact but it's not a beacon or blueprint, it's a goddamn living Prothean and we need to get him out of his coffin pod quickly because of course Cerb fucked it up. Kill a few dudes, watch a couple of videos and we're good to go. I had some issues with the PS3 both freezing and stuttering. I don't remember it playing this badly the first 10 times around, but apologies anyway. We see the last days of the Protheans and it wasn't pretty. In a desperation move they took a million people and tried to stick them on ice for a while but it got fucked up and our guy is the last one left.

Javik is a dick. Most of the time it's hilarious. Poor Liara is in for a bit of a rude awakening (literally). His VA does a fantastic job and his bit in the Citadel DLC is hysterical. It's a bit weird that he knows so much about all the current species though - you'd think he'd only be vaguely aware of us if at all. We'll get to know him a bit better in the next video, I cut the convo because it adds like an additional 15 minutes to the runtime.

Next we'll head over to Palaven and see about rescuing that Primarch.