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Part 9: The uncanniest valley

The uncanniest valley

We chat with Victus really quick and then find out why the Normandy has been having technical difficulties. EDI done gone and stuffed herself into a sexy robit. At least we get a new squadmate out of the deal. Unfortunately they don't do anything unusual and exciting with her powers, she has incinerate and overload that other squaddies have. The decoy is still OP in the campaign, it got nerfed to shit in MP. However she has a tendency to drop it in weird places and it doesn't do a great job of distracting enemies hidden behind a rock or whatever. You do get some funny dialogue if you take her along on certain missions, but sadly that's about the only reason to take her along. The MP version is really good and what I used to do my solo gold runs since you get free revives.

Also take care of one of the SP/MP tie-in missions on Glacier, which we did in one of the bonus videos. You can see the old layout here.