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Part 10: Hot for teacher

Hot for teacher

Tackling Grissom Academy. GA is not a priority mission, so it will expire after a certain point and then is considered failed. Many people got screwed over by this and were upset. Cerberus is raiding the place trying to kidnap recruit all the smart kids for their horrible experiments important initiatives. We meet Kahlee Sanders, who has never been mentioned before in a game but has this huge (contradictory) history with Anderson that was only revealed in one of the terrible awful novels in between 2 and 3. You know, the game that EA wanted to make accessible to new players Cuz I know when I start playing a trilogy in the 3rd game I always go back and read the tie in books. Kahlee will try and help us but we'll just run around killing mooks.

The students are under attack along with an instructor. The instructor is mad at us for something we didn't really do. Also she has (some) hair and kinda put a shirt on. It's Jack.. In a silly turn of events the Alliance decided she'd be good working with children. You know, the potty-mouthed, tattooed, crashed-a-stolen-spaceship-into a moon ex convict. Luckily for their liability department she actually is good at it. Then we engage in what is probably the hardest fight in the game. I want you all to know that the crossfade isn't due to a death, it's just a run through a corridor where I pick up some ammo and money - I'm very proud of myself because goddamn this fight is a bitch. It's better as an infil or something where you can bunker down but being out in the open as a vanguard is really fucking dangerous. Enemy is everywhere! I could have sat in cover for most of it but what fun would that be?

We head to the exit and run into our friend David that we saved in Overlord. He's doing well. You can press him into doing stuff by using the "we need your mind" option but he's been through enough shit and we don't need the extra 10 points. Then we hijack an Atlas and blow some stuff up. The end. I like this mission, the writing is good and there is special dialogue for everyone that was in 2 if you bring them. Zingers everywhere. Javik gets a funny reaction from Jack too. If you don't do this before it expires and Jack was alive in your import, she sort-of turns up later (it's not pretty).

With the kids saved we can now try to broker the alliance, but we'll go screwing around instead.