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Part 35: More like 300 beers in the making

More like 300 beers in the making

We go land on Rannoch again to put an end to all this bullshit. Legion got Reaper herpes after being strapped into that contraption, but they're useful herpes apparently. Lots of robit shooting ensues.

After some minor difficulty in finding the right butan to pres, we target the override signal and fall off a platform because Shep is Turns out the signal source is actually a fuckin' Reaper, oops. He's a bit testy that we shot him and gets out of his bed to chase us. Then we have to fight him on foot. Sort of. In one of the more gimmicky boss battles you have to hit him with the targeting laser and the fleet in space shoots him while you run around like an idiot and try not to get your ass melted off. The targeting laser is slow as shit, and because we're playing on insanity it takes longer to target and we have to shoot him more. It goes from "intense" to "oh hurry the fuck up for Christ's sake" pretty quick.

Once you've blown the fleet's load all over his face then you get to have a nice chat. This part is kind of cool but also completely stupid. "Harbinger speaks of you." I guess the Reapers just chill out around the water cooler or whatevs talking shit about Shepard. I didn't take the exposition tree because then you miss out on getting to tell the Reaper to go fuck itself. If you do take it then he just babbles on about boring shit and finally dies. This is way more fun.

Then it's time to choose the Quarians or Geth. Or if you're a completionist like I am, you may be able to save both. It's another points system, and you need a minimum of 5 to make it all work out. Destroying the Heretics in ME2 gets you 2 points. We overwrote them, so that's actually the wrong choice for metagaming. Keeping Tali from getting exiled and not narcing out her dad also gets you 2. Then you get 1 point each for fixing their argument in ME2, doing the mission to save Koris, and then actually saving Koris so we just squeaked by. In addition both Tali and Legion have to be alive, you have to have at least 4 bars of reputation, and you have to do the server mission on Rannoch. It's actually kind of complicated, but I never had trouble. If you fucked up somewhere, then you either have to kill Legion to stop him from uploading, or you let the Geth blow the Quarians into cosmic dust and Tali then jumps off a cliff. It's one of the more endings. I do like the Renegade option where Shep stating she will no longer pull the Quarians' asses out of the fire seems to knock some sense into them.

Visiting the Asari councilor kicks off the next plot beat, so we'll go screwing around for a bit first. I can also do one of the DLC's. I'll only do the first part of Citadel though, the party is our actual endgame.