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Part 44: Refu-JESUS


Traynor told us Fuckface McShitninja's signal disappeared in a certain area of space and the only thing out that way is Sanctuary, so we go to check it out. This place is pretty fucking impressive considering it's been less than a year since we were there last. If only Cerberus wasn't evil and was instead interested in building affordable housing homelessness would be a thing of the past.

Upon arrival things are a mess, because of course they are. Also Reapers are running about causing havoc which is pleasing. We actually get inside and Miranda has been here so we go poking further. This mission goes from slightly creepy to full on pretty quickly as it turns out Cerberus is using the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the Reapers as test subjects. They're either indoctrinated and sent on as troops, turned into husks, or made into soup. Shit is waaaay over the top, even for Cerberus/TIM. Miranda keeps leaving pop-up videos around for us to find and it turns out her dad is behind it all. Also Fuckface McShitninja is running around too. Fortunately we never have to actually see him because two missions in a row would be too much to bear. At the end of this parade of atrocity we find all the Lawsons together for a fucked up family reunion. Miranda does some housecleaning and also gives us an asshole GPS which we use to find TIM's hidden base. This is a dumb plot point because Miranda has already been to his hidden base and we could've just maybe asked one of the many times we've spoken to her but oh well. I guess they forgot the intro to ME2.

I've only one small interstitial video with chats and the last MP map in the SP campaign and then all the shit will hit the fan. And then we'll pretend none of it happened and have a party.