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Part 49: I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite war for the Citadel

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite war for the Citadel

The push to end all pushes. We fight our way through a fuckload of enemies. Haven't seen a combat padding section like this since ME1. The idea is that we have Thanix cannons to shoot babby reaper, but since everyone except Shep is completely inept it's really up to us to do it all. First set misses because the beam we're supposed to ride is interfering, so we have to let the giant cockroach get close and shoot at us. The second part of that encounter sucks. Not only are there a fuckton of enemies, but you've got to worry about getting nuked. I may have died in that section. Several times. Or not. We'll never know due to the magic of editing! Because you're occupied with what's in front of you and then ZAP, oh you got fried. Thank god for vanguarding, you can get the hell out of the way by targeting, and also as is apparent in the video, i-frames allow to charge right the fuck through it. We get it close enough and then have a flashback to Rannoch, giving us a straight shot to the beam.

Then it's total kamikaze as everyone runs for it. I talk about it in the video, but in the original endings you just ran and then your squad sort of disappears. You never found out what happened, though you might see them at the end depending on who you romanced and a couple other factors. With the EC we get a cutscene and Joker swoops in to take them away. Bring your LI if they're available for extra Then we run face-first into Harbinger's honk laser. Oops. Not the best mission result.

Well, that's it. One left, wherein we find out what the keepers have really been doing all this time, we meet up with a couple folks, and then have a very stupid conversation with the worst goddamn excuse for a higher intelligence ever.