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by Maxwell Adams

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Original Thread: Mass Effect - If the name of your species is a verb, you're evil [VLP]


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When you hear the term 'RPG', you probably think of a game developed in Japan that has a linear story, non-interactive dialog, and lots of menus. The American style of RPG does things differently. They place a big focus on shooting bad guys in the face and making decisions. The Mass Effect series is a prime example of the American style RPG, even if the company that made it happens to technically be Canadian.

Our playthrough will mostly normal, with a female character being a jerk at every opportunity. Certain things will... not be normal.


Don't talk about stuff that hasn't been covered by the LP yet. However, feel free to discuss the backstory of the game. For example, you can talk about the genophage if you want, even if we haven't encountered any Krogans yet. Just don't get into any details that are revealed by the game's plot.

Feel free to point out things we've missed. There are plenty of interesting conversation branches and whatnot that you're going to miss over the course of a single playthrough.

Mass Effect 2 spoilers can only be posted if they are in musical format.


Don't post creepy fanart.


Mass Effect 01 - Abominashep (skip opening fmv)YouTube
Mass Effect 02 - Combat SaunterYouTube  
Mass Effect 03 - Angry PointsYouTube  
Mass Effect 04 - Leaving Tutorial PlanetYouTube  
Mass Effect 05 - The CitadelYouTube  
Mass Effect 05 BonusYouTube  
Mass Effect 06 - The CouncilYouTube  
Mass Effect 07 - Wrex and GarrusYouTube  
Mass Effect 08 - Backstory GalacticaYouTube  
Mass Effect 09 - Spectre ShephardYouTube  
Mass Effect 10 - Frosty ReceptionYouTube  
Mass Effect 11 - Shooting through the red tapeYouTube  
Mass Effect 12 - Dead Men Go To JailYouTube  
Mass Effect 13 - Planet HellYouTube  
Mass Effect 14 - Boss Fight DelightYouTube  
Mass Effect 15 - UnpunchableYouTube  
Mass Effect 16 - Chit ChatYouTube  
Mass Effect 17 - Major KyleYouTube  
Mass Effect 18 - Enemies Everywhere! YouTube  
Mass Effect 18 Bonus - GO GO GOYouTube  
Mass Effect 19 - Cause and EffectYouTube  
Mass Effect 20 - Social SkillsYouTube  
Mass Effect 21 - The Space 80'sYouTube  
Mass Effect 22 - Monkey PlanetYouTube  
Mass Effect 23 - Slay RideYouTube  
Mass Effect 24 - Tower of what?YouTube  
Mass Effect 25 - USER ALERTYouTube  
Mass Effect 26 - Conversation ForestYouTube  
Mass Effect 27 - The Plot LabsYouTube  
Mass Effect 28 - Wherein Duke Wilkinshire aquires a new motored carYouTube  
Mass Effect 29 - Bugger itYouTube  
Mass Effect 29 BonusYouTube  
Mass Effect 30 - (n^-1)^-1YouTube  
Mass Effect 31 - Straight to the MoonYouTube  
Mass Effect 32 - Moonbase AlphaYouTube  
Mass Effect 33 - Space KvatchYouTube  
Mass Effect 34 - Space SewersYouTube  
Mass Effect 35 - Pimp My HumpYouTube  
Mass Effect 36 - The Audio is HorribleYouTube  
Mass Effect 37 - Process of EliminationYouTube  
Mass Effect 37 BonusYouTube  
Mass Effect 38 - Wood ZombiesYouTube  
Mass Effect 39 - Death by SkypeYouTube  
Mass Effect 39 BonusYouTube  
Mass Effect 40 - Rule of ThreeYouTube  
Mass Effect 41 - Girl SquadYouTube  
Mass Effect 42 - Post-Modern HistoryYouTube  
Mass Effect 43 - The Impressive MoonbaseYouTube  
Mass Effect 44 - Talented Indigenous MercenariesYouTube  
Mass Effect 45 - The Suggestions of PhysicsYouTube  
Mass Effect 46 - I'm Leaving You (In a Minefield)YouTube  
Mass Effect 47 - Human Female AwardYouTube  
Mass Effect 48 - CounterterrorismYouTube  
Mass Effect 49 - Mission of MurderYouTube  
Mass Effect 50 - Greetings From BritlandYouTube  
Mass Effect 51 - Tora ZiyalYouTube  
Mass Effect 52 - Wanderfest '83YouTube  
Mass Effect 53 - Krogan ExplosionYouTube  
Mass Effect 54 - Big DecisionYouTube  
Mass Effect 55 - I Changed My MindYouTube  
Mass Effect 56 - Questing on the sideYouTube  
Intermission: OctodadYouTube  
Mass Effect 57 - Once in a Blue MoonYouTube  
Mass Effect 58 - Faulty Power Supply EffectYouTube  
Mass Effect 59 - Near the ReaperYouTube  
Mass Effect 60 - The End...?YouTube  
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