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McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

by 8BitRedMage & zackcat

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Original Thread: Let's Play McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure! Boy or Girl Toy?



McDonald's™ Treasure Land Adventure is a platformer for the Sega Genesis created by Treasure. I'm not entirely sure on the history of this game, but I do know that it is the first game I ever actually completed as a child. So I decided to go back and revisit it one day, and holy shit it's a good McDonald's™ licensed game. So I decided to pick it up and cover it for you, since it's Supersized™ fun.

This clown is Ronald McDonald™! He's the main character of this game. If you aren't aware of who he is, get out of my thread he's the mascot for the McDonald's™ Obesity Surplus Foundation fast food chain. I'm pretty sure he is supposed to make your kids want to eat there, but from my experience most kids fucking hate clowns.
He also shoots magic burger dust™ from his hands apparently!

This thread is going to be a double let's play as it turns out. Zackcat™ is playing through McDonald's™ for the Sega GameGear™ and we're all on board for that as well.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Episode 1
with WeirdBIAS (Bacon) and WrathofBlade

Episode 2
with Bioten (Buttons) and Zackcat

Episode 3
with Zackcat and WeirdBIAS aka Bacon

Episode 4
with Bioten (Buttons) and WrathofBlade

Episode 5
With WeirdBIAS (Aka Bacon) and WrathofBlade

Episode 6
With WeirdBIAS (aka Bacon) and Bioten (aka Buttons)

Episode 7
With Bruce Willis Weird Bias (AKA Bacon) and Ben Affleck Bioten (Aka Buttons)

with WeirdBias (AKA Bacon) and Zackcat

Side LP by Zackcat™ (Updated Wednesdays)
McDonald's™ Gamegear™ Land™ Adventure™

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