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Mega Coin Squad

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: It's just fucking fun. - Let's Play Mega Coin Squad [VLP]



Let's Play Mega Coin Squad

Mega Coin Squad is a great 2d platformer released on Steam by Big Pixel studios. It features an unorthodox method of game-progression: collecting a massive amount of coins to deposit into a sentient piggy bank. Pretty much everything about this game is a screaming testament to stylish and satisfying design. The platforms are randomly chosen, you can smash right through them like a pixelated wrecking ball, there is surprisingly fluid air-movement, the sound effects are aural heaven, and there isn't a dull second to be found. There's too much to like about this game and so little time to appreciate it. I'm going to be doing a no-hit run of every stage and showing off the game's mechanics the best I possibly can.


#1. Green Valley

#2. Desert Plains

#3. Snow City

#4. Lava Land

That's all! Thank you for watching!

Extras: The other characters.
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