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Original Thread: The game that made 8,000 sequels and LP threads: Let's Play Megaman!



Yep, fresh from my Megaman X5 thread, I'm here to bring all of you the game that started this silly series, the orginal Mega Man. Yes, I put a space in that one.

He kinda looks like a monkey.
This cover also took the #1 spot in GameSpy's Top Ten Worst Covers.

Of course, the Japanese box looks a bit better.

and here we have the intro!

.....Wow. Real.....descriptive, there. Of course, once again, The Japanese title screen is a bit more colorful.

Mega/Rockman looks like he's constipated

Now, theres a good bit of difference in between the first and second Megaman games. Or at least, more difference between those two than really any other two of the original series.

First, theres a score. It does nothing, but the game keeps score.

Second, the items look a good bit different. For comparison:

is the items in Megaman 1, with small and large life on the left and weapons energy on the right.

And here is the same from Megaman 2 onward, in the classic NES series. The top left is what the score pellets look like in Megaman 1, that have since been removed.

Now, in this game, there is story. Dr. Wily didn't break out of prison or create 8 robots or anything this time, Dr. Light created 8 robots.

Those robots were, in order,
#1. Rock

Yeah, he's Megaman. Originally created as a housekeeping robot named Rock.

#2. Roll

Rock's little sister, and fellow housekeeper bot. That's right, Dr. Light needed two bots to bitchslap around and clean up after him.

#3. Cutman

Cutman is a land reclamation/deforestation bot. The scissors on his head cut things. In the game he's not all that difficult.

#4. Gutsman

Also a reclamation bot, but designed for construction. He is the most appearing robot of any in the Megaman series. He's one of the harder ones to take down in the game.

#5. Iceman

Designed for arctic exploration, the fanfiction community claims this guy has a crush on Roll. Is there such a thing as robot incest? This might also lead to this one being the easiest ever to beat in the game.

#6. Bombman

Designed for, guess what, land reclamation work! Supposedly designed to work with Gutsman, this guy obviously blows shit up. And he's pretty difficult in the game, too.

#7. Fireman

Designed for waste management, specializing in incineration. In short, he burns things. Which means he's lame. And stupid easy.

#8. Elecman

Designed to oversee atomic energy facilities, he throws electric balls. Possibly his own. He's a bit difficult to take down as well.

Now, after Dr. Light and Dr. Wily created these eight robots, Dr. Wily stole six of them. Guess which ones he stole.

Iceman kinda looks like Seiferguy

Table of Content

Elecman Jizzes Electricity Download AVI
Elecman. Again. For the Magnet Beam. Download AVI
Gutsman Death Tally: 1 for this thread. Level condition: No large health pickups. Download AVI
Fireman Explodes. Ironic. Level Condition: In character from Megaman's POV. Download AVI
Iceman. Level condition: Name every Boss/weapon/weakness in classic/X series. Boss condition: Become ThinVeilCutlet42. Download AVI
Bombman blows. Level condition: Recite X/Zero slash fanfiction. Boss condition: recite every U.S. released Megaman game. Download AVI
Cutman. Level condition: sing about cutman to Kirby music of my choice. Boss condition: Stay on the left blocks and only fire when he is there as well. Download AVI
Wily 1, with Diabetus. Level condition: sports commentary. Boss condition: Only firing 1 p-shot per eye showing time. Download AVI
Wily 2. First level condition: be Tim Rogers. Second condition: Overlay random mp3s from my collection. Cutman/Elecman condition: P-shoot, no turning around. Clone mega condition: Waste hyper bombs, ice slasher, magnet beam, then p-shoot but jump over him every time and set to tango music. Download AVI
Wily 3. Level condition: Kill shit with fire shield. If I miss, cut to megaman trivia. Boss condition: Be Oyster from Def Jam with Carmen Electra. Use P-shooter until the last shot. Download AVI
The Final Wily. Level condition: Die a bunch of times, have random commentators for each death. Boss rush: Go through all 4 without getting hit, if I do, start over after showing the cartoon. Final boss: No moving. Download AVI

Bonus Content

Score Tally

As an added bonus, since this is the only Megaman game to keep score, I will be posting my score as I go along. Feel free to try and beat it, and if you do I'll let you dictate a boss condition for the next boss I fight. I'll also post your scores here. Keep in mind I didn't (and hopefully won't) use savestates, so neither should you. And provide some measure of proof, screenshots will do, videos are better.

Running score tally:
Elecman: 95,600
Elecman x2 (for Magnet beam): 115,800 - Diabetus beats me yet again. Goddammit.
Gutsman: 98,000 - Diabetus beats me with 125,000
Fireman:122,700 - Golden315 gets 183,500, one more boss condition. Ouch.
Iceman: 100,100 - Sideshow Charlie gets 190,100. 42 fucking point spheres. And people say I have a neckbeard.
Bombman: 94,000. ThinVeilCutlet42 nabbed an 84,600, Syvalion takes it with 136,100
Cutman: 119,100.

Elecman fights

Elecman falls to his own weapon. Eventually.Google
Elecman falls to Gutsman's weapon, with aid of the p-shooter, again, eventually.Google
Elecman gets burned with fire. Condition: I'm hot for megaman.Google
Elecman with magnet beam. Condition: go to the top of the level without falling and using all of the magnet beam.Google
Elecman with hyper bomb. Condition: Hit him with 1, waste the rest. If more than 1 hits, kill myself. I cry.Google
Elecman gets Iced. Condition: Remap shoot to s, jump to j, right to r, left to l. I cry again.Google
Elecman's life gets cut for good. Condition: Go in with 1 line of health. I change it up a bit.Google


This is what I get when random people to commentate Download AVI
ThinVeilCutlet42 Dies a horrible death in Bombman's stage Download AVI
ThinVeilCutlet42 Actually finishes Bombman! Download AVI
ThinVeilCutlet42 Fails at Cutman! Download AVI
ThinVeilCutlet tries Fireman with half life and a charge shot and it's frozen! Wait, what? Download AVI
Hitaka teaches me how to take down Elecman the flawless way Download AVI
Iceman Outtakes. My mic died halfway through, but Vegastar wanted this posted. Download AVI
The Megaman Happy Dance! Download AVI

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