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Original Thread: Megaman 2: This is too much Megaman!


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Hey look guys, it's Megaman 2! Since my Megaman thread went so well and it has been a long time since MM2 was done, not to mention the archives ate some updates, I decided to do it again.

Race Info:I have decided to do a race of this game after I have defeated the final incarnation of Wily. There will be prizes for first and last place. To participate, two things are required: Skype and a way to record your screen and commentary. The race will happen in groups of four, start to finish. After completion, find some way (be it senduit, sendspace, Scarboy's FTP server, something) to send the audio and video to me and I will splice them together. If more than four people are interested we will probably do 2 rounds, with the winners of each group going to the 2nd round. To sign up, drop your name in the thread and make sure your contact info is on the LPer contact info Megalist.

Signups for the race are now closed. There will be 2 rounds, the first of which will be on normal mode. The first and last people finished will advance to round 2, which will be on difficult mode. Prizes for who wins the winners bracket and who loses the losers bracket.

Race Videos!
Round 1, Group 1: Garin, Diabetus, Rirse, Krakhan
Round 1, Group 2: Oyster, Syrg, TerrorVan, Medibot
Round 1, Group 3: Gwar3k1, The Roll, Kung Fu Jesus, Lairek
Round 1, Group 4: Static_Fiend, Proton Jon, TheWanderer, Dsage
Round 1, Group 5: Raocow, Syvalion, Argon_Sloth, Joats

Round 2!
Round 2 Winner's Race: Diabetus, TheWanderer, Argon_Sloth, Lairek, Oyster
Round 2 Loser's Race: Syvalion, Kung Fu Jesus, Medibot, Rirse, Dsage

Lasers mean nothing. Quickman means death. Lots of it. Level condition: Bunny hop. Boss condition: bounce around analyzing before firing. Viddler
Heatman Dies. Level condition: No shooting. Boss condition: fight blind. Viddler
Crashman noclips into the p-shooter. Level condition: spin around in my chair. Special thanks to GuavaMoment for the gifs. Viddler
Bubbleman Pops. Level condition: give raw footage to Diabetus to edit as he pleases. Boss condition: remap my keys. Viddler
Metalman is weak to his own goddamn weapon. What the fuck? Level condition: Constantly fire, no p-shooter. Boss condition: Short hop twice, jump once, shoot on the way down. P-shooter only. Viddler
Air Man blows himself around. After a while, at least. Level condition: talk like a valley girl. Boss condition: blame another goon for every hit I take. Both conditions suck. As part of a wager, Terror Van is along for the ride. I told him he didn't want to be in this one, but he wouldn't listen. Viddler
Flash Man is blinding. Level condition: Remap my keys to opposite numpad...thing. Boss condition: Use bubble lead, don't get hit, don't miss. Ouch. Viddler
Wood Man burns. Level condition: Play blind. Boss condition: Atomic fire only, curse the name of a different robot master in alphabetical order every time I get hit. Special thanks to Melaneus for the final song in the vid. Viddler
Wily 1. Level condition: hold right the entire time. Boss condition: keep moving between the blocks, switch between atomic fire, quick boomerang, and crash bombs. Viddler
Wily 2. Level condition: Only use items. Boss condition: use atomic fire until it's all gone, then p-shooter. No jumping. Viddler
Wily 3. Level condition: flip my screen. Boss condition: No stepping on the tank until I'm out of item 1, after which getting hit will force me to fight a boss in Parallel Worlds. Viddler
Wily 4. Level condition: only use p-shooter, 30 shots. Boss condition: I can only jump 7 times. Viddler
Wily 5. Robot Master conditions: Fight the MM2 and doc robot MM3 counterparts at the same time. Wily form 1 condition: Recite 5 lines of made off the top of my head fanfiction before firing. P-buster only. Wily form 2 condition: Dodge 5 bouncy orb beam things without getting hit before firing 1 shot of plasma buster. Viddler
Wily 6. The End. Viddler However, there was received a transmission:

Message from Dr. Light OYSTERMAN

You haven't seen the last of me BLUE BOMBER BUTTHOLE!

Right now I'd like to address someone I might hate more than that panties-on-the-outside GYNOID. Fucking BUBBLE MAN? What faggotry is this guy? They replaced me with this waste of precious NES ROM bits? Why does a FUCKING ROBOT NEED FUCKING SNORKELING EQUIPMENT?! Who shoots fucking bubbles? You might as well be peeing rainbows out your nonexistent pole, DOUCHE! And the fans, totally denied awesomeness and left with your bitch ass. I would have been the most awesome FUCKING thing you ever saw in a video game if they kept me in the series you piece of green PUKE toilet diver. With the power of the Super Nintendo you could have watched MegaFag's head FUCKING EXPLODE when he angered me enough for a MOTHER OF SCREAMIN' PEARL! I hope you choke on Rush's dick, BubbleButtMan. I know how you like the robo-doggie cock.

Oh, and to Mr. Narrator, Wooster or Coy-Star or whatever the hell... you missed one reason why I'm vulnerable to Bubble Lead. Of course I do hate that piece of garbage they put in my place, BUBBLE-COCKBALLSHITASS-MAN, and getting hit by that paltry replacement weapon that should be spat or shat out by gay dinosaurs fills me with rageful memories and pain - but what really cracks my shell is the ambiguity of the word "lead". FUCKING ENGLISH MAKE UP YOUR GODDAMN MIND YOU SHITTY NONPHONETIC SYSTEM! Is it lead like the element that MegaTard's brain is made of, or lead like how MegaFag leads people on with his crossdressing shit? Yah I just called you a dress-wearing homo Mega-Minge, and YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE GENITALS HA HA HA HA HA!

Well, back to campaigning Capcom to bring me back or SUING THEIR ASSES INTO 20XX.


Roar's daughter isn't about to let him watch the Bubbleman vid

Raocow truly understands the Pico Pico Master with this:

Melaneus decides that me ranting about cockblocking furries isn't enough and decides to make this:

Garin gets assaulted by Black Mage (thumbnail, click for big):

Melaneus makes his own robot master:

Oysterman was planned to be the water-stage robot master for Megaman 2, but for various reasons he was replaced with Bubbleman.
Oysterman's standard attack was very similar to Megaman's regular shot, but his true colors came out every time he took a hit.
Dr. Wily gave Oysterman the ability to emulate one form of emotion: raging frustration. After taking a few hits he screams with wild anger.
Being a NES game, the screams were just collections of earsplitting squarewave and noise effects. The terrible sound was one reason Capcom decided to go with the tamer boss.
The screams cause Megaman to get pushed away from Oysterman, briefly become stunned, and sometimes take damage. The faster Megaman damages Oysterman, the more powerful his counterattack becomes.

Defeating Oysterman gives Megaman the Screaming Pearl attack. With this weapon equipped, Megaman screams every time he takes a hit from enemies, and this damages all enemies on screen. He continues to fire his normal shots that do not reduce the weapon energy.
Fears that "Screaming Pearl" was a nickname for a sexual act was the final nail in Oysterman's coffin.

This is what dsage wants to be when he grows up:

Raocow gives a semi-spoiler to his round 1 race:

Dizzybone recreates my fight with Buebeam Trap, and also provides me with desktop wallpaper:

Static_Fiend pumps out a gif of the Oyster Man:

CherryDoom makes a gif that I could have totally used in my final video:

Nothing to do with Megaman bonus vids!

A fellow goon comes over to my apartment to try and speedrun Super Punch Out!! He loses.

Myself, Terror Van, Garin, and....someone I forgot completely fail at a laggy as hell game of Mario Party. It's bad.

Myself, Terror Van, 13/f/cali, and Deceased Crab play Mario Party in preparation for a thread.

MM2 has what is largely considered the 2nd worst box art of the MM series.

Megaman shooting at Quickman, with Dr. Light hiding behind Crash Man. Nice hiding spot there.

Of course, the European version is even worse:

The Japanese box art is a bit closer:

Of course, being only the 2nd in the series, it has it's own set of intracacies. It is Keiji Inafune's (creator of Megaman) favorite MM, and is largely voted by fans the same. Strangely enough, Megaman 1, while exceeding expectations in sales, did not sell well enough to warrant an immediate sequel. However, the dev team asked Capcom to allow development on a sequel to begin anyway. Capcom agreed, but would only permit it on their own time after working on other games. Of course then it turned out to shatter the sales of the original Megaman.

Changes include:

The introduction of the Energy Tank.
The introduction of transportation items.
Stages not being revisitable (theres nothing that can be missed anyways)
The removal of the point system.
The first MM to have a sub-title in the Japanese version (that being Rockman 2: The Mystery of Dr. Wily)
The American version has 2 difficulty levels: normal and difficult. The Japanese version only had 1: the equivalent of the American difficult.
First MM to use a password system.
First MM to have 8 bosses.
Megaman is actually buoyant in water this time. He also doesn't die on spikes if he's still got his invincibility period.

This of course set the standard for most of the later classic Megaman games. MM2 was also the first to have robot masters entirely designed by contests held in Japan by Capcom.

Now, onto the game!

After Megaman bizzarely set Wily free after the events of the original Megaman, Wily went on to create 8 new robots to counter him. These robots are the first of Dr. Wily's original design. They are:

DWN-009: Metal Man

Metal Man was originally designed to be an improvement on Cut Man,however, due to a design oversight he has an innate weakness to both Megaman's buster and his own weapon.

DWN-010: Air Man

While experimenting with designs that were not fully human in structure, Air Man came out as a prototype. He supposedly has a rivalry with Wind Man, however, Wind Man doesn't come around for a good few years later.

DWN-011: Bubble Man

The first robot designed for underwater combat, an error in his buoyancy system makes it impossible for him to walk or swim correctly. His design was so absurd that even Wily laughed at him every time he looked at him.

DWN-012: Quick Man

Based on a modification from Elec Man, Quick Man is indeed the quickest robot master. His Quick Boomerangs are even faster than him, and his visual sensors cannot process data as fast as he moves. This is why he runs into walls a lot.

DWN-013: Crash Man

Designed to withstand strong explosions, Crash Man (named Clash in the Japanese version) has a special armor coating. His crash bombs are able to burrow into any surface and detonate.

DWN-014: Flash Man

Flash Man was created after an experiment to control time. He is able to stop time for brief periods, and enjoys using his power to play practical jokes. His battle abilities are sub-par however due to the extreme amount of energy required to use his weapon.

DWN-015: Heat Man

Using and improving upon Fire Man's schematics, Wily created Heat Man. His Zippo-like container is impervious to temperatures up to 12,000 degrees C. However, to use his ability to the fullest, he must remain sealed, and so has developed a lackadaisacal personality. He has a habit of smoking.

DWN-016: Wood Man

Wood Man is made entirely of Hinoki Cypress. He also has a thin protective coating, however he cannot stand high temperatures. Much like Bambi, he can call upon the power of nature to summon a shield of leaves.

I will be doing this thread in largely the same fashion as my Megaman thread, however, due to the lack of score counter I will instead post a boss condition. If you beat any boss that I already have with said condition, you get to pick the next boss condition for whoever I fight. Death guess gets a level condition, Due to lack of deaths/drops before I even start the game, I will take a level/boss condition from the first person that can post Quint fanart. Because I like Quint. Daeno took that condition with this happy fanart:

CURRENT BOSS CONDITION FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO GIVE ME ONE: Fuck that shit I'm on Wily 6, wait till MM3 you eager people

BOSS CONDITION UPDATE: I am seeing waaayyy too many people play on faggot-ass normal mode. If you want to submit a vid but play on normal (and yes, I can tell simply from how fast the boss's energy drops) I reserve the right to reject your condition if it sucks. Want me to be stuck with it? Play on the only mode that exists on every copy of MM2 worldwide.

Completed boss conditions: Joats takes Quickman with the pogo condition on normal mode.
Garin takes on Quickman without jumping at all.
Garin kills Metalman switching sides after every shot. or rather, forcing Metalman to.
Terror Van decides to kill Quickman with the switch sides condition before I have time to change it. He plays on ultra-faggot normal mode, but I almost forgive him since this is his first time playing.
Diabetus goes over and under Bubbleman
Diabetus takes the 3 hit or less condition by killing Metalman with his own weapon
Diabetus rams Flash Man into the ceiling with Metal Blade

It's Wily Time!
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