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Mega Man I - V (Gameboy)

by Vprisoner

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Original Thread: Robot Master Mismatches Galore: Let's Play the Mega Man Gameboy Series!


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Welcome, one and all, to the Let's Play Megaman Handheld thread! What began as a humble journey through the Classic Gameboy games, from Megaman I to V, has now become an LP of every Megaman handheld game known to man, thanks to the pledged efforts of Solar System Bus, Oyster, and myself.

Megaman I

Elec Man: My Shockingly Huge TowerDailymotion
Cut Man: Running With ScissorsDailymotion
Fire Man: Burn My DreadDailymotion
Ice Man: A Short-Lived Snow DayDailymotion
Wily's Fortress: Robot Master UnderstudiesDailymotion
Space Node: The Giant Snow Globe of DeathDailymotion

Megaman II

Wood Man: Avoiding Penis JokesDailymotion
Crash Man: Stop Worrying and Hate the BombDailymotion
Air Man: Blow MeDailymotion
Metal Man: Guilty GearDailymotion
Magnet Man: ...This Is Seriously the Most Hideous Fortress Ever.Dailymotion
Top Man: Spin Into The Danger ZoneDailymotion
Hard Man: Still Avoiding Penis JokesDailymotion
Needle Man: See Hard ManDailymotion
Time Warp: Oyster's Godsend (Guests: BlackbeltBobman, Garin)Dailymotion

Megaman III

Snake Man: Silent in the Grass, Bite You in the Ass (Guest: Great Red Spirit)Dailymotion
Shadow Man: Ninja Vanish!Dailymotion
Spark Man: Hopelessly ConvoltedDailymotion
Gemini Man: Two More ComplaintsDailymotion
Dust Man: Playing DirtyDailymotion
Drill Man: Dammit, I Used the Oil Joke on the Game Title AlreadyDailymotion
Dive Man: Under Da SeeeeeeeeeeaDailymotion
Skull Man: To Dig Up the BonesDailymotion
Wily's Fortress Slash Phallic Oil Rig: Part 1 (Guest: Solar System Bus)Dailymotion
Wily's Fortress Slash Phallic Oil Rig: Part 2 (Guest: Solar System Bus)Dailymotion

Megaman IV

Ring Man: Running Around in Circles (Guest: GreatRedSpirit)Dailymotion
Pharaoh Man: I WANT MY MUMMYDailymotion
Bright Man: Pretty Liiiiiiights (Guest: Solar System Bus)Dailymotion
Toad Man: Hip Hop (Guest: Solar System Bus)Dailymotion
Wily's Fortress 1: Ballade of the Blue Bomber (Guest: Solar System Bus)Dailymotion
Napalm Man: DY-NO-MIIIITE!!!Dailymotion
Charge Man: I Think I CanDailymotion
Crystal Man: Shattered HopesDailymotion
Stone Man: Rockin' OutDailymotion
Wily's Battleship: A Boss Bonanza! (Guests: Captain Duck, Garin)Vimeo

My handmade starter password for Mega Man IV. This baby starts you off with all Energy Tanks, Weapon Tanks, the Special Tank, the Energy Balancer, and Beat.

Megaman V

Neptune: That Sinking Feeling (Guest: Solar System Bus)Vimeo
Mars: I'm a Rocketman (Guest: Greatn)Vimeo
Mercury: Death By Degrees (Guest: Glazius)Vimeo
Venus: Refusing to Move 'Till the Bubble Pops (Guest: Technokami)Vimeo
Pluto: This Space Would've Been a Giant Furry Joke Anyway (Guest: Starhound)Dailymotion
Uranus: In Ur Base, Fisting All Ur Dudes (Guest: Taxidermistpasta)Dailymotion
Saturn: Ode to Gravity Gimmick Overuse (Guest: GreatRedSpirit)Vimeo
Jupiter: A Race in Space Takes Place on Your Face (Guest: Daniel)Vimeo
Wily Star: The Final Showdown (Guests: Solar System Bus, Oyster)Vimeo

My handmade starter password for Mega Man V. This baby starts you off with all Energy Tanks, Weapon Tanks, the Special Tank, the Energy Balancer, and the Clobber/Magnet Hands.

Special Videos

Let's Fail Rockman and Forte for Wonderswan!Vimeo
Let's Play Megaman Game Gear! (Guest: Oyster)Vimeo
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