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Original Thread: Mega Man II - Sense Offense



This game is easily the worst classic Mega Man. It sticks out of the otherwise stellar Game Boy series like a sore thumb, mostly because it wasn't made by people who actually knew what they were doing. It has a crappy engine full of bugs, is laughably easy and the soundtrack is...well, you're going to hear too much of it anyway.

To be far, it's not like this is unplayable or will make you hate every second of your life (if you turn off the "music"); for an early Game Boy title, it's pretty decent, actually. But following Dr Wily's Revenge, even with all its faults, and as a Mega Man game in general, it really fails to deliver.

Because of its reputation - and because I had seen (and heard) more than enough in an LP - I had so far skipped playing this title. This, however, gives me a rare opportunity to play it blind. I want to practice doing that anyway, because I kinda like the concept.

Fear not, however. I'm well aware that I'm still pretty bad at this, and maybe a piss-easy game of a series I'm well familiar with is not the best choice. So I'm also doing normal-style videos as usual! Yay for choice. While we're at that, nobody in the last thread clamored for a baldurdash backup, so I guess we won't need one for this thread either.

Left is the blind run, right is the normal one (in case my symbolism isn't getting through).

Post-commentary videos on Baldurdash: 60 fps and source download!

Alternate sound test


I've heard people say that the actual compositions aren't that bad, it's just that the quality of the Game Boy instruments and speakers weren't meant for such greatness. Well, to this I say, this might be Beethoven, but it's played by whacking a piano player with a violin, and I kind of have to go by the end result as a listener, don't I?
Nevertheless, thanks for uploading them, Bean!

Extra links and other stuff

Little addendum to the videos: In Top Man's stage, I notice some graphical faults in the game. This illustrates a little of what I mean:

Bean gets first mention again with his LP of the entire Game Boy Mega Man series. The Playlist is here, I trust you can skip and watch what you want. His playstyle greatly inspired mine, and he is usually better at the games than me, so I can much recommend watching them.

While we're at other people doing LPs, I need to give a shout-out to VPrisoner who also covered the series here on the archive.

Trizophenie did a few things for me. First, we have -runs for this game's stupidly easy bosses:
Not featured are just Crash Man and the final boss, both of which actually require strategy.

And we two did a stream of the entire game with him playing. Sadly, the game audio becomes far louder once he decides to start AVI recording, too. Still watchable, I think. If you're seriously bored.

Pizzatime did some remixes of the game's atrocious music!

bsolmaz13 on Youtube also did remixes (not for my thread, but I think they're really interesting), basically cleaning the compositions up like they were ported to the NES. It sounds far better that way! Check out the playlist. Big thanks to Choco1980 for finding the guy, I'd been searching for ages!

And finally, stuff not from the forums:

Speedrun on SDA; this and Bean's LP are what I watched quite a while before playing this game, that's why the blind runs are more "forgot a lot and never played myself" runs.

The game on:
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And that should be it!
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