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Original Thread: Megaman Legends: Everyone Loves The Monkey



Yes yes I know another MegaMan LP but this time there is a reason to watch this one. A full 3D environment!
Hold on a moment what's this you say? A 3D environment in *my* MegaMan?
Why yes! It works quite well, but don't take my word for it! take a look your self.


Episode 1: the Beginning. Sorry about the choppy audio, i'm working on a fix but it was hard enough making the audio work at all.Google
Episode 2:The quest for the Picnic Basket.Google
Episode 3: I swear I don't suck at this game.Google
Bonus Video: The world has gone MAD!(Might be a bit loud)Google
Episode 4: Bad kids names.Google
Episode 5: I forget what happens in this videoGoogle
Episode "Fuck you Vallhallan" 6: Fuck you.Google
Episode 7: I almost forgot this game had a plot.Google
Episode 8: Honest I don't suck at this stuff.Google
Episode 10:Swearing and Plot.Google
Episode 10:Take two. Now in widescreen!Google
Episode 11:Bosses and RapeGoogle
Episode 12:The 2 day processingGoogle
Episode 13:Really it took two days to process theseGoogle
Episode 14:Jesus Fuck it took 3 uploads for it to finish.Google
Episode 15:The plo-SHINING LAZER! PEEEEEEW!Google
Episode 16:Laggy ass and I swear i didn't cheat.Google
Episode 17:It's finally over.Google

I would like to thank Lusife for his contributions to this video. Oh and after you watch the video and you still want more click here.

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