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Original Thread: Megaman Legends 2: 31,992,999 Zenny



Known as Rockman DASH 2: Episode 2: Great Inheritance in Japan, this sequel to Megaman Legends was first released in 2000 and has since gotten a 2005 PSP port alongside Legends. Legends was originally going to remain nothing but a one-time spinoff, but the underground popularity of the first game and Inafune's personal love for it ensured the Legends series a well-deserved spot in the Megaman franchise.

Even to this day though I still don't understand why I like this game. It's a mean old asshole of a game filled with gimmicks and cutscenes, and the anime is far more blatant than it ever was in Legends 1. Even so, the combat's improved in a lot of areas, there's a lot more dungeons to explore and they're all much more complex. So basically, what they get right, they really get right, and what they don't, well...

Anyways I've got several guests helping me out, so sit back and enjoy the ride!


Episode 0: All About the PR (Spinningrobo, Ceciltron, Krakhan, floorislava)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 1: Kawaii Dinner (Spinningrobo, Ceciltron, Krakhan, floorislava)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 2: Actual Gameplay (Spinningrobo, KungFuJesus, Ambisagrus)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 3: Pull Your Pants Up (Spinningrobo, KungFuJesus, Ambisagrus)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 4: Shadow Moses Gate (pokecapn, KungFuJesus, medibot)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 5: You Can't Do Shit With Your Dick (pokecapn, KungFuJesus, medibot)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 6: The Metaphorical Empty Arm (Ambisagrus, General Ironicus, Toffile)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 7: Hitbox Wars (Ambisagrus, General Ironicus, Toffile)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 8: Don't Do That (Ambisagrus, General Ironicus, Toffile)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 9: My Boobs Are Hanging Everywhere (Spinningrobo, pokecapn, Krakhan)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 10: Anti-Fun Meter (Spinningrobo, pokecapn, Krakhan)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 11: Voltron Birds (Spinningrobo, pokecapn, Krakhan)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 12: A Tin Can, a Propeller, and a Neutron Battery (Spinningrobo, pokecapn, Krakhan)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 13: Jokes Are Funny (KungFuJesus, Stanley Coober)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 14: Captain Overkill (KungFuJesus, Stanley Coober)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 15: 90 FPS, Part 1 (KungFuJesus, Stanley Coober)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 15: 90 FPS, Part 2 (KungFuJesus, Stanley Coober)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 16: Pro Dungeon Man (Ambisagrus, medibot, Ceciltron)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 17: Al Bonna (Ambisagrus, medibot, Ceciltron)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 18: The Uguu Brothers (HulkaMatt, Ambisagrus, Stanley Coober, Ceciltron)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 19: Anime Clothing Warehouse Dot Com (HulkaMatt, Ambisagrus, Stanley Coober, Ceciltron)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 20: She Might Be a Woman, But She's Still a Man (HulkaMatt, Stanley Coober, Ceciltron)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 21: The Answer is to Dance (Krakhan, Ceciltron, The Wandering Newbie, floorislava)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 22: Jiggle Eternia (medibot, Ceciltron, The Wandering Newbie)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 23: Nothing Matters Anymore (medibot, Ceciltron, The Wandering Newbie)
Episode 24: Arpalayheoh (KungFuJesus, Medibot, Ambisagrus, WanderingNewbie)Blip.tvBaldurdash
Episode 25: Deadman Switches (KungFuJesus, Medibot, Ambisagrus, WanderingNewbie)Blip.tvBaldurdash
FINAL EPISODE: Anime Girls Own (KungFuJesus, Medibot, Ambisagrus, WanderingNewbie)Blip.tvBaldurdash
BONUS VIDEO: Nino Island Fuck-Up (Spinningrobo, pokecapn, Krakhan)Blip.tvBaldurdash


We begin with a dissertation on the history of the Sega Saturn (Intro)YouTube
Dumb as hell stage but the weapon was sure worth it (Frost)YouTube
Roll is the wind beneath my wings (Tengu)YouTube
Rockman and Forte is also not shitty how about that (Clown)YouTube
There's a meeting in tha ladies' room (Grenade)YouTube
"i like to say epic fail ironically" Toffile, in his head, 2010 (Midstage)YouTube
You've got a big problem when your game's gimmicks are better than the actual content (Sword)YouTube
I'm still 11, that's the joke (Search)YouTube
This took forever to upload (Astro)YouTube
For some reason shitty games remind me of other shitty games (Aqua)YouTube
Rush Expo '10 and maybe some bolts (Item Collection 1)YouTube
Please Make Better Posts, the Movie (Item Collection 2)YouTube
You all know which one, here I'll even tell you (Wily 1)YouTube
Rush Jet section out of nowhere and a long-ass boss fight (Wily 2)YouTube
Dr. Wily goes to Threat Level Magenta (Wily 3)YouTube
Refights range from trivial to silly in this game. I forget if there's music though (Wily 4 Part 1)YouTube
Endgame nonsense. Thanks For Playing or probably not (Wily 4 Part 2)YouTube

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