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Mega Man Rock n Roll

by Natural20, Yorkshire Tea

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Original Thread: Sex, Drugs and Mega Man Rock & Roll



About the Game

Mega Man Rock & Roll is a 2019 fangame released by Dennis Engelhard on the PC. Inspired loosely by Mega Man 9, the game imagines a new plot from Dr. Wiley in the Mega Man universe and sets the Blue Bomber to stop Wiley's nefarious deeds once again.

The big change added by the mod is the inclusion of Roll, Mega Man's sister as a playable character. Roll has typically been a supporting character across most of Mega Man, she sometimes acts a shopkeeper, but is usually simply there to comment on events and be the housekeeper for Dr. Light's lab. She's seen some extra play in the likes of the Mega Man Battle Network series where she acts as a powerful early summon and as a friend of Mega Man, but ultimately remains a background character there as well. She's also rather infamously seen play in fighting games, being the absolute worst character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to the point that an entire tier is named after her and dedicated to how terrible she is.

But Engelhard's efforts have given the maligned younger sister a new lease on life as she enters the fray here. Roll is distinct from her brother, Rock, in that she has a double jump, incredibly useful in the precision platforming world of Mega Man, but at the cost of taking a point more of damage from all sources and lacking the ability to charge her buster.

It's a strong contrast, with the siblings being very powerful in very distinct circumstances, Roll is much more likely to get you to a boss, but might well struggle when you get there.

That's not all for changes made, with Engelhard adopting the weapon wheel introduced in Mega Man 11 and finally having half the robot masters be female.

Unsurprisingly, fan reception for the mod has been excellent, with Engelhard himself being taken aback by the response.

What makes it more surprising is that this is Engelhard's first ever game mod, with the original concept for Rock & Roll simply being an attempt to recreate Mega Man's physics.

The creativity on display really speaks to what I think is a bright future for him in game development and it shows as he's taken what he learnt here and is working on his first original game, Nevermore.

I can speak for both Tea and myself when I say that we are incredibly excited to see what this game has in store.

About the LP

This is a blind Co-op LP. Tea and I will play through the game and when possible (aka when Tea is at my house) we will swap controllers with each level and each life so you can see our different approaches to platforming!

Art and banners, will, as ever, be handled by the amazing Bifauxnen.



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