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Original Thread: A Lesson in Advanced Robotics - Let's Play Mega Man X [VLP]



Back in the early 90s Capcom was trying to figure out how to revitalize their flagship series, Mega Man. More and more people complained that Mega Man was getting stale and formulaic, so Capcom looked to the newly released Super Nintendo for a chance to make a fresh start. Enter Mega Man X, one of the most influential games of the franchise. To this day it is lauded as one of the greatest entries in the series. In case you couldn't tell, I love this game. Mega Man X is an excellent showcase for game design: the controls are tight, the core gameplay is fun, and the levels are varied and well designed. This game takes the core experience of Mega Man, but truly takes it to the next level. The wall climbing, dashing, changing levels, and the multitude of power-ups really help make this a whole new experience.
If anyone out there hasn't played this game I urge you to pick it up. There was a Mega Man X Collection released for PS2 and Gamecube, also Mega Man X is being released on the WiiU's eShop tomorrow is on the WiiU's eShop. Head to a mom and pop store that still sells SNES games or hit up eBay if you have to, but you owe it to yourself to play this game.


Episode 01, AI Constructs

Episode 02, Explosive Elevators


Episode 03, Instant Replay

Episode 04, Vampire Octopus

Episode 05, Easter Eggs

Episode 06, Tricky Jumps

Episode 07, Mega Jedi

FINAL Episode, Ridiculous Arms Race


X is the protagonist and titular character of Mega Man X. He was created by Dr. Light over 100 years prior to when this game takes place, but Dr. Light sealed him in a capsule to run tests and make sure he was ready to meet humanity. X was the first robot created with true artificial intelligence, capable of making is own opinions. X is generally a pacifist and abhors violence, but he will fight to protect humanity.

Zero is a reploid found around the same time as X. His combat capabilities are second to none and he quickly rose to the head of the Maverick Hunters after Sigma went maverick. Zero acts as a role model to both X and the player. At several points Zero encourages X to reach his potential and become a great hunter like him.

Dr. Thomas Light is the greatest mind to ever grace the field of robotics. He created Mega Man and laid the ground work for his entire generation of robots. Then he went ahead and created X, who would remain more advanced than any other robot until his discovery. The notes Dr. Light left behind allowed the mass production of other robots like X.


Originally created to lead the Maverick Hunters, Sigma eventually went maverick himself. He claimed that humans were inferior to reploids and were holding back their progress, so all humans must be eradicated. Sigma serves as the big bad in Mega Man X, as well as the final boss.

Vile has absolutely zero regard for authority and only cares about causing as much destruction as he can. Originally part of Sigma's 17th Unit, Vile would often cause more damage taking down mavericks than the mavericks themselves. In the original release of Mega Man X Vile is painted as a loyal soldier of Sigma, but in later iterations his character was expanded to reveal his deep hatred for X who, despite being lower rank than Vile, always got more attention. In the Mega Man Maverick Hunter remake Vile is actually pictured disobeying Sigma and forwarding his own agenda.

And now for a bit of back story! The instruction manual that came with Mega Man X included the diaries of Dr. Cain, who found X and created the reploids off Dr. Light's notes and X's template. Below are those diaries:

The Journal of Dr. Cain

April 8th

Still nothing. For the last month, I have been sifting through the dirt trying to find a fossil record which would verify my findings on Mesozoic plant life, but so far I have come up empty. Tomorrow, I'll move my archaeological dig to a new site. Maybe I'll have better luck.

April 9th

Set up camp at the new site and laid out a preliminary gridwork for the dig. I got some odd readings at location E-46. It looks like something metallic is buried several meters below the surface. I think I'll begin there tomorrow.

April 10th

I can't believe what I found! Several meters below the surface was the remains of a lab. Although most of the lab was damaged, I did manage to find papers that indicate that it belonged to the famous robot designer, Dr. Thomas Light. I've begun to review what is left of Dr. Light's notes and it looks like he was onto a major breakthrough. The notes keep referring to "the capsule"...

April 13th

I found it. Standing 14 meters high and 8 meters wide, the capsule was hidden underneath a collapsed ceiling. Even underneath all the rubble, the capsule has remained intact and was still running some sort of diagnostic when I found it. There is a warning on the capsule, but all the indicators on the capsule show green. It should be safe to open it. I'll know tomorrow.

April 14th

Today I met "X." Not simply a robot, X is something totally different. Light has give him the ability to think and make his own decisions. At times, X seems more like a man than like a machine.

April 15th

Light was a genius! I've been going over his design notes and they are a quantum leap beyond anything the world has ever seen. Using them as a guide, I may be able to replicate his design and integrate them into a new generation of robots. I'll begin transporting X and the rest of Dr. Light's things back to my lab tomorrow.

November 22nd

With X's help I have completed my first "Reploid." Although I don't completely understand how all of Dr. Light's systems works, I was able to make some minor modifications and the reploid seems to be functioning perfectly. His strength and intelligence seem limitless and he is fully able to make his own decisions. In fact, we got into our first argument. How intriguing!

January 3rd

The new reploids have been running off the assembly line for several weeks. It's amazing how easily they have been able to adapt to even the most difficult jobs. It still is a bit odd to see them working side by side with humans, but everyone seems to be happy to accept them.

February 16th

Three reploids went "maverick" today and injured two people before they were stopped. This is the third instance of this type of behavior and I still have no idea of what is causing it! There is some talk about stopping the assembly of any more reploids, but I don't think it will happen. Maybe we've become too dependent of them....

The council has now decided to set up a group of "Hunters" to destroy any maverick before it can cause injury. The reploid named Sigma has assigned to lead the Hunters. Sigma is one of the most intelligent reploids I've created and contains my latest circuit designs. His systems should be immune to any problems.

May 16th

It's been two months since Sigma took control of the Maverick Hunters and he and his hunters have been able to prevent any further injury to the population. Everyone is starting to breath a little bit easier....

I am a little worried about X. He seems unsure of his place in life and what Dr. Light had planned for him. But given time, I'm sure he'll find his way....

June 4th

My worst nightmare has just come true. Sigma went maverick today and took most of the other hunters with him. His motives are unclear, but it seems that he "decided" that humans are inferior and limiting the growth of the Reploids. For that reason, he decided that all humans should be eradicated.

Most of the population is in hiding or trying to flee the city. I'm not sure how long we can hold out against Sigma's forces. I fear I've built the reploids too well.

X is taking the news of the war very personally. He wants to join ZERO, the new leader of the Maverick Hunters, when he goes after Sigma. I'm doubtful of their chances, but I won't stop him. Something has to be done....
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