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Original Thread: This Time He's Pissed - Let's Play Mega Man X2 [VLP]



Hot on the heels of the success of Mega Man X, Capcom released a direct sequel almost exactly one year later. Mega Man X2 features familiar, though a little uninspired gameplay. Certainly a respectable game in its own right, Mega Man X2 has the same tight controls and action packed levels as its predecessor, but it was criticized for not really bringing anything new to the table. However, seeing as I was only 8 years old when this game came state side I was simply ecstatic to be playing another entry in my favorite game series. It brings up an interesting debate about sequels: is just making more of a great game enough to make a good sequel?


Episode 01 - Depressing Sequels

Episode 02 - Buy One Get One Free

Episode 03 - Spikes and Sadness

Episode 04 - Hoover Bikes

Episode 05 - Worst Jump Ever

Episode 06 - X Hunted

FINAL Episode - We're Not Worthy!

Bonus Episode - Shoryuken!


Six months have passed since the events of Mega Man X. During this time X has been busy cleaning up the remnants of Sigma's army and making something of a name for himself. In the wake of Zero's death X has begun somewhat of a vengeful crusade against the remaining mavericks. However, this has also made X a prime target for the resistance...

The maverick resistance realized that the only way they can hope to win the war is to take down Mega Man X. The X-Hunters are the mysterious group of mavericks that arose out of this necessity. Not much is known about them, but after studying X at length they are finally ready to set their plan into motion.
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