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Mega Man X3

by Seiferguy

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Original Thread: Mega Man X3: By The Let's Play All-Star team! (there's 8 of us)




Alright, so BathroomRage couldn't complete his Mega Man X3 thread. No harm done, it happens. So after a brief conversation with him, I decided to say "well, everyone wants to do a Mega Man game, why don't we ALL do Mega Man X3?"


So, after a little mass messaging of my Let's Play friends, I gathered 7 others to play Mega Man X3. Here's how it works:

1. I'll start it off. I'll beat a maverick of my choice.
2. After I beat the Maverick, I'll choose one of the 7 people together with me, and also pick the Maverick they have to kill.
3. They post a video of them doing that, and then they choose someone from the remaining 6 to post next with their maverick of choice. We go down till we finish.
4. They can do any kind of video they like! It can have guest commentary, solo act, even be a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style video. All that they need to is beat their Maverick, and not beat any of the other Mavericks.
5. Item collecting is encouraged!

After all 8 Mavericks are destroyed, you, the people of the thread, will vote on who you want to finish the final stages. Top vote-getter does the final stage, 2nd-most gets 2nd to last, and so on.

So who's all doing these videos?

Let me introduce you to the all-star team:

Selected works: Zelda 2, Mega Man X2 (hay ITS THE PREQUEL TO THIS GAME!), and Final Fantasy III.
Micro-bio: Heavy proponent of screenshot Let's Plays, yet he keeps posting videos. What the hell is his problem?

Selected Works: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, Captain Novolin, and Little Nemo.
Micro-bio: Still living on his "I have Diabetes" gimmick, Diabetus is a favorite to the Let's Play genre. His posts consists of asking for sympathy and watching out for Beamos statues.

Selected works: Bubble Bobble, controversial shooting games, Bubble Bobble / Full House fanfiction
Micro-bio: I don't think anyone cares about Taxidermistpasta anymore. They just know that he keeps getting messages from thinveilcutlet42 and just want him to pay to cutlet so he can get his own damn account.

Selected works: Mega Man X5, Mega Man, commentator on PARALLEL WORLDS
Micro-bio: Oyster, shut the fuck up. No one cares you're a virgin anymore.

Selected works: Yoshi's Island, and a bunch of sandcastle videos no one ever watched.
Micro-bio: Not much is known about the guy, but slowbeef thinks he's cool. And if slowbeef, Mr. "I DID SUPER METROID, WORSHIP ME" thinks Krakhan is cool, well... he's cool in my book too.

Selected works: Bionic Commando, Mega Man X
Micro-bio: You'd think with a Mega Man X avatar, he's pretty good at these games. Truth is, he's is, but only when there's no lag. No one else can do a "JUMP MEGAMAN" joke unless it's by him, because everyone else ruins it.

Kung-Fu Jesus
Selected works: Mega Man X8, Demon's Crest
Micro-bio: if he attempted and beat Mega Man X8, X3 should be a breeze for this guy.

Maxwell Adams
Selected works: Majora's Mask, Relentless, GTA:VC
Micro-bio: Everyone knows about how awesome Maxwell is at Majora's Mask, but truth be told, he's never played a Mega Man X game before! How will he fare? Only time will tell.

Alright, that's the team. We need to try and collect items, so our blue boy, X, isn't a pussy come special level time.


Table of Content

Here's the introduction and first level, done by Seiferguy. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 1: Tunnel Rhino, fought by Seiferguy. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 2: Blizzard Buffalo, fought by Kefkafloyd. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 3: Volt Catfish, fought by Maxwell Adams. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 4: Blast Hornet, fought by Diabetus. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 5: Gravity Beetle, fought by Kung-Fu Jesus. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 6: Neon Tiger, fought by Taxidermistpasta. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 7: Crush Crawfish, fought by Oyster. Google Video Download AVI
Boss 8: Toxic Seahorse, fought by Krakhan. Google Video Download AVI
Vincen... er, Kefkafloyd beats the second Doppler level. Google Video Download AVI
The final stages! Part 1: By Diabetus. Google Video Download AVI
The Final Stage, Part 2: By Diabetus. Thread done. Google Video Download AVI
NOTE: There is no Doppler 1.

Bonus Videos!
The Volt Catfish Series
Sinix Steps up to the Volt Catfish Challenge.
Hitaka follows.
Taxidermistpasta takes a crack at Volt Catfish. Somehow his video got front-paged on Google Video.
Psychedelic Eyeball jumps on the bandwagon.
Despite his fear, Diabetus conquers Volt Catfish.
Volt Catfish must be looking pretty silly right now, as seiferguy takes him down.
Xenogenesis + Volt Catfish = BFFs4EVER
Krakhan and Volt Catfish. Sup.
Dave_o doesn't necessarily beat Volt Catfish, but I'm sure he hurt his feelings, at least.
Mr. Snack stops the Volt Catfish bandwagon with a Dailymotion video.
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