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by psymonkey

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Original Thread: This time it's totally not Sigma! Let's play Megaman X3



Hi everybody! My name is psymonkey, I guess you can call me pm if you want. I'm going to be LPing Megaman X3, which is in my opinion, one of the best games of one of the best series ever.

I feel like everyone knows what the Megaman X series is all about if you visit this forum, so I'll just go over a quick list of what was new in this game:
-There are now 4 ride armors and they can be used in any level via armor stations once you find them!
-Zero is a playable character for the first time!
-The bad guy is Dr. Doppler

Megaman X3 (and the X series in general) is fast paced and is the most fun when you push it for all it's worth! The dash system allows you to do all kinds of crazy jumps and squeeze through enemy fire and destroy enemies before they know what hit them! Because of this I'll be trying to play the game quite well and show what X can do (with various levels of success). Other than that this will be a fairly humble, bare bones LP. That being said I think it should be good.

Overall, I just want everyone to chill and enjoy the ride that is Megaman X3.

OK! Let's get on with the videos!


Intro LevelYouTube
Tunnel RhinoYouTube
Blast HornetYouTube
Blizzard BuffaloYouTube
Neon tigerYouTube
Gravity BeetleYouTube
Toxic Seahorse YouTube
mostly Crush Crawfish YouTube
Volt CatfishYouTube
Doppler Stage 1YouTube
Doppler Stage 2YouTube
Boss FightsYouTube
Doppler, Sigma, and The End.YouTube
Bonus videos (100% completion)
Dopper Super Ultra ReduxYouTube
Megaman X Showcase Extravaganza!YouTube
A Celebration of Robot BeatdownsYouTube
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