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Mendel Palace

by Madamluna and Deceased Crab

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Original Thread: Let's Play Mendel Palace! [Multi, VLP]



Candy's dolls have come to life and trapped her inside her own dream. Only Bon-Bon and Non-Non are able to save her as they conquer each dollhouse, shuffling and flipping the tiles to smash the dolls against the walls of each arena. Will they be able to reach Candy in time, or will she be forever trapped within--MENDEL PALACE????

Welcome to Let's Play Mendel Palace! This'll be a short and sweet co-op LP of one of the NES' unsung but addictive games. My special guest Deceased Crab will be playing 1P as Bon-Bon (blue), with myself, Madamluna, as Non-Non (green)! Each video will be uploaded once every day or so.

Now, for questions!

Q. What is this game? Why should we care about it?
A. This game is actually pretty important in the larger scheme of things--this is where the company Game Freak first got their start, published by Hudson Soft. If you don't recall the name "Game Freak," don't worry too much. For some reason, even though they created the multi million (billion, probably) dollar franchise Pokemon, they don't really register as a household name.

Q. What is Quinty? I keep hearing that name.
A. In Japan, this game was named Quinty and given quite a bit of backstory which all but disappeared in translation. I'm not entirely familiar with it, as I've never played through the Japanese version myself, but Game Freak used to have some Quinty comics up on their site that a friend of mine once translated years ago. If anyone were to find those comics again so I could have my friend re-translate them so I could put them up as extras, I would be very grateful!

Q. How are you and Deceased Crab playing through the game?
A. I'm very bad at lying and I'm very bad at keeping secrets, so I will lay out my full hand to you guys. This is how DC and I have played through the game:

1. We play through the houses without using savestates and continuing when necessary (i.e. very often, this is a hard game!). We save state at the end of ten minutes' recording.
2. We play back through the area we recorded, using savestates and getting some extra lives, and save state back at the point we reached in 1. This is all offscreen.
3. We pick up where we left off and continue recording, then repeat this process.

The reason we do this is because it's very possible to run out of continues in 2P, and if you do that you have to do the game all over again! And that's no fun. We want to just be able to show you the whole game, so hopefully you won't mind if we do a little offscreen cheating in the process.

Q. Extras?
A. I would if I could, but I don't have much to offer...Quinty's merchandise never made it out past Japan!

Now that that's out of the way, let the game begin!


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