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Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

by Mahnkiman

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Original Thread: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - With more gimmicks and codec calls you can bear



More like Metal Gear Solid Episode Zero am i rite?

Here is the sequel to the original Metal Gear for NES/MSX, the one that was made by good old Hideo Kojima. This game wasn't released in the U.S. and came out in Japan in 1990 (although it did see the light of day as a part of MGS3:Subsistence). In the MG timeline, this takes place after Big Boss "dies" at Outer Heaven but before the Shadow Moses incident of Metal Gear Solid.

Fanart by Kijiro:


Part 1: Intro and sneaking into a building of some kind Google
Part 2: Chasing red dots for posterity Google
Part 3: Boss fight 1 - Snake commits a hate crime? Google
Part 4: Snake is a creepy stalker Google
Part 5: Boss fight 2 - Olympic runners don't make good bosses Google
Part 6: Boss fight 3 - Hind D gets its ass kicked Jack Bauer style (with special guest Znorps!)Google
Part 7: Boss fight 4 - Red Blaster (not red or a blaster) Google
Part 8: Pigeons are attacking me oh god Google
Part 9: Snake is cockblocked Google
Part 10: Robot penis (with special guest Kunster)Google
Part 11: Dance Dance Revolution Google
Part 12: Boss fight 5 and a real "cliffhanger" Google
Part 13: Boss fight 6 and 7 - GET TO DA CHOPPA and gb2china Google
Part 14: Boss fight 8 - GET THIS OLD MAN OFF OF ME Google
Part 15: Boss fight 9 and 10 - Stupid dance music is a powerful weapon Google
Part 16: Boss fight 10, escape, epilogue (and some toasty Big Boss) Google
Bonus video 1 (MSX Metal Gear): Snake goes back in timeGoogle
Bonus video 2 (MSX Metal Gear): Ellen is a fat slutGoogle
Bonus video 3 (MSX Metal Gear): Big Boss was an even shitter bossGoogle
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