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Part 14: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 4

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 4! <In the previous episode....> 2.5, the IdeaSpy finally succeeds in infiltrating the nefarious junk factory of J.E. Corporation with the help of Call Now, a woman from his past. But what awaits him inside the nest of conspiracies!? Keep sharp, Two-point-five!


Over here, Two-point-five.
I owe you one, Call.
So why are you so interested in this factory?
Can't tell you. Classified information.
All right, then I have something else to ask you. Why did you buy me that thing way back when?
What thing?
You don't remember? The 'ErotoRope --'
Wait ...I'll talk. Classified schmassified!
What rope, Two?
So, what's the dirt on this plant?
You know that J.E. execs have been showing up a lot recently.
...Yes, come to think of it, I've seen a lot of bad business suits around here.
Why would the suits show up in the 'Bod Bed' factory? I think the 'Bod Bed' is nothing more than camouflage!
There must be something important going on here.
Ha-ha! Good thinking!
Who's there!?
Over here. Welcome to J.E.'s junk factory.
You shouldn't talk about family that way.
Sorry, but it's staff only from this point on. You'll have to deal with me now.


God! Is that J.E.'s 'Interpersonal Itchy Skratch'?
You mean....!? That back scratcher designed to scratch other people's itch as well as your own!?
Yes. To think it was on the market already....
But if you need to scratch someone's back, why don't you just use your hands....
Ha-ha! Did you think this was a regular 'Interpersonal Itchy Scratcher'? Think again!


Oh God! The handle extended!
This is the 'Turbo Interpersonal Itchy Skratch for long distance back scratching!
What!? Can it be the ultimate back scratcher to reach all itches!?
Why can't you just do it with your hands!?
Silence! Take this!
Call! Get down!



How could this happen? Why can't I scratch your backs!?
We're lying on our backs.
Since we're both lying on our backs, not even the 'Turbo Interpersonal Itchy Skratch' can get to them.
You win. Go on....
Good job, Two-point-five!
Let's get going. Show me where the suits are hanging out.
You got it!


To be continued.