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Part 33: Episode XXIV: Handcuffed Hedgehog

Canyon (MGS: The Twin Snakes)

"Good work, Snake. They should be incapable of a nuclear strike now."
"You need to destroy Metal Gear next. Four F-22's have just taken off from one of our African allies' base to strike the artillery unit with cruise missiles."
"Snake, as soon the artillery is silenced, infiltrate the base and destroy Metal Gear."
"Wait... Isn't Metal Gear back on the surface? Why not just use the F-22's cruise missiles to take out Metal Gear?"
"Well, you see Snake... ...Metal Gear has err..."
"It... may have defenses against a strike like that... We cannot take the risk."
"I thought the CIA wasn't briefed on Metal Gear's capabilities."
"We AREN'T. And that is why we cannot be too careful..."
"Besides, it's already going back underground again. Right, Mei Ling?"
"It'll take a minute to update the satellite footage, but I don't think something that large cou-"
*glares* "Right, Mei Ling...?"
"Huh? Oh... Oh, right. Yes, Snake. Back underground. Too late for that..."

"Snake... What about Jimmy?"
"No leads so far."
"But I will get him."
"I mean there are only so many places you can hide a bright red jacket that large."
"I know."
"Wait, Snake!"
"What is it?"
"A message just came in from GLF. From the 'General.' I'll forward it to you."

I'm still not clear how they're transmitting a video broadcast into an earpiece. But by 2009, nanomachines allow the codec to double as a psychic communication device. So maybe it's best not to ask too many questions...

"...the destruction of the power plant by your faithful dog, but I assure you that you celebrate in vain. The warhead can be launched without the rail gun. I am very disappointed by the insincerity of your methods. I could opt for immediate reprisal, but I pride myself on being a gentleman. I shall abide my original decision. I say it once more. Withdraw the peacekeepers, and recognize our independence. If I do not hear from you within 1 hour, the U.S. will find itself under nuclear attack. Would you risk all for foolish pride? Don't underestimate my resolve..."

"Metal Gear's development was a classified Army project. Even the CIA is not aware of all the details."
"In other words, you know jack."
"Yes. Thanks for the clarification for the audience. You know, just rephrasing the obvious in a rude and suspicious manner doesn't make you clever. It makes you an asshole outlaw."
"Identifying assholes outlaws. There's one thing the CIA excels at."
"It doesn't take CIA Intel in your case. It's written all over your face. Where'd you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eatin' pussy pineapples."
"That's enough you two. Rated E. For 'Everyone'! Enough of the colorful language!"

"Snake, head for the maintenance base. The only option now is to destroy Metal Gear itself."
"Looks like it."

Snake strolls out of the entrance to the Power Plant. I'm not positive as to how that works considering it exploded five minutes ago. But details... In any case, he immediately comes upon Jimmy and what I sincerely hope is not a guard murdered to feed Dr. Harks' insatiable hunger.

"Jimmy! You were safe?"
"Yeah... I got captured, but this guy was in the same cell...he got us out when the guards left after that explosion..."

"Guy must have been covering some ground to manage that...."
"Ergh... nothing."

"Who was he?"
"Lieutenant Smith of Delta Force..."
"I thought Chris was the sole survivor?"

"What do you mean?"
"I don't know. But the lieutenant said Chris wasn't even there when Black Chamber wiped out Delta Force..."
"Anyway, that's what he said. Maybe she's one of -"
"Don't be ridiculous!!"
"I've been around my share of femme fatale baddies before. There's always a dead giveaway they're not to be trusted. A ridiculous accent... A lack of pants... Cleavage pouring out all over the place... Ridiculous outfits... Yelling their emotions for not particular reason... Chris has none of those things going for her."


"I can't stand this anymore. I thought she was like nice..."
"I mean like a little snippy but I figured she was on the rag or something."
"...Yeah, kid. You really need to not use that expression around ladies..."
"Well I didn't say it to her face, bro."

"You can't trust anyone or anything here... You don't know what to believe anymore... Metal Gear was a mistake too. Everyone else I worked on that thing with was murdered. We were all OK yesterday, and just now, I saw their dead... How could that... I want to go home and start over... this time, make something good, to make up for what I've done..."
"You know like a giant robot. But you know... not the nuclear holocaust kind. More like one that could like ya know... help people. Like the loader bot from Aliens. Something that could lift heavy cargo and fight off Xenomorph Queen attacks."
"A what attack now...?"
"You know, Aliens."
"I know what an alien is."
"No. I mean the movie. You know at the end the power loader robot thing. 'Get away from her you bitch!' and that...."
"Must have missed that one."
"Dude, what do you DO in your free time?"
"I ride dog sleds. I'm a musher."
"...So moving on..."

"...over, can't I?"
"...Yeah. As long as you've got the will, you can always start over. It's never too late."
"That's true..."
"Listen, I destroyed the power plant. Can they still launch a warhead?"
"Yeah... that made the rail gun useless, but besides that, Metal Gear can - "

And then Jimmy Harks exploded. Wait, WHAT?!

"Snake.... God.... why.... I thought I could.... start over....Is it.... all over....?"
"....Snake....I wanna go home...."

The Codec rings shortly after Jimmy expires due to having blown the fuck up...

"Boobytraps and explosives are his specialty...probably had a mic in the cuffs too, was listening in."
"He deliberately blew the thing in front of Snake....?"
"Yeah. He's kind of a dick."
"Oh God..."
"...Snake, Bison said there were five of the Black Chamber left."
"That's right."
Slasher Hawk, Marionette Owl, Pyro Bison, Black Art Viper..."
"You're just desperate for something relevant to say, aren't you Colonel?"
"...Is it that obvious...?"

"One unaccounted for."


"...Couldn't it be her?"
"Look, if Chris is the fifth Black Chamber member, everything makes sense. The leak, the ambush, what happened to Harks -"
"What the hell are you saying?"
"Snake, calm down and think about this."
"Shut up! Chris, can you hear me?"

Snake tries to contact Chris...

"Chris, come in, Chris!"

"Snake, the F-22's have already left their base and the attack will start any minute. I know this is tough... but get yourself to the maintenance base."