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Part 42: Episode XXXI: Trusting Tuna

"But it isn't over yet!"

Viper makes one last dramatic finger snap before slumping over dead...

And then suddenly the entire room begins exploding. Thankfully, nowhere in the vicinity of Snake or the newly reappeared Chris.

Snake briefly stops to untie Chris' bindings and the proceeds to immediately haul ass out of the room before the female lead to can even make it to her feet. Snake's a chivalrous guy like that.

In any case, that's a wrap on Black Chamber until the mysterious fifth member reveals their self to be undoubtedly somebody we've already met. Campbell, Mei Ling, Weasel, McBride, Chris, and the 'General' himself are the only surviving characters and I don't think it would be much of a reveal if a villain turned out to be a card carrying member of another villain's group. So place your bets now who on Snake's team it's gonna be!

A short while later...


"No. I' sorry..."
"Don't be."
"I have to be. I've been lying to you..."
"You mean because you weren't there when your team was wiped out?"
"You knew?"
"You probably should have been more careful about checking the bodies. One of them was captured and told Jimmy about you."
"Oh gosh, Jimmy. I forgot all about him. Did you manage to rescue him?"
"Ergh... Not... exactly..."
"What do you mean...?"
"Viper... might have blown him up."
"Yeah. Quick check here, but Viper didn't leave anything with you? Hair clip? Security card? Contact lens? If so, I'd tell me immediately."
"I err... No. I don't think so..."
"Right... Ergh... About the whole abandoning your team thing..."

"...I was given orders directly by Parker, the Army Chief of Staff."
"What kind of mission?"
"The destruction of all data on the Project Babel and Outer Heaven and the... assassination of the General."
"I was told that the information had to be buried for the good of the world. And that the General would have to be killed as well before he was arrested and talked..."
"You believed that?"
"For future reference 'for the good of the country' or the like coming from top brass in the government to head a secret directive is almost universally double-speak for 'for the good of my ass because I'm neck deep in whatever is going down.' I know a thing or two about this."

"...what else do I have to believe in?"
"And so I... fell away from the rest of the team..."

"I thought I could find something to cherish...something sure and concrete... But there wasn't anything like that...and instead I lost something that I cherished even more... I was so afraid of losing it again...that I...just couldn't tell you..."

"Chris, don't just stand there. Find us something fast to escape on."
"So that we can get out of here quickly once I've destroyed Metal Gear."
"No motorcycles, though. That never turns out well."
"You still trust me?"
"...It's true that you didn't tell me the truth. But I trust you."
"Because I want to."
"And you're the only person on-site that is vaguely an ally. It's you or nothing."
"Do I need any other reason?"
"...Thank you... I'll find something. I promise."

And with that, Snake dashes off into Stage 12 proper.

Final Stretch

One final stating of the obvious from Campbell for the road. We won't be chiming in with the peanut gallery this time as they've all pretty much got variations of "Go blow up Metal Gear already!" That is, except for Mei Ling. She has the "resolution" of her dumb being shy with Snake subplot here. So let's get that out of the way...

"Dr. Koppelthorn?"
"No, not this time."
"Some proverb then...?"
"Shakespeare quote?"
"No, Snake."
"16th century philosopher."
"No! None of that. Stop for a minute."

"I'll say it in my own words... finally. Snake, don't court death. I'd like you to come back safely."
"Mei Ling, is that how I look to you? Someone who has a death wish?"
"Yes... There's something... I've always felt it..."
"You might just be confused with the Alaskan resident look. Live out there long enough and that's just how you look... But..."
"I guess so... Maybe I was like that... But not anymore."
"I'll be back after I destroy Metal Gear. Don't worry about me."
"Is that a promise?"
"At least as much of a promise as a man who's about to go up against a giant robot can make."
"...Guess I'll never find out what Koppelthorn had to say. Who the hell is Koppelthorn anyway?"
"I'll tell you when I see you. So -- make sure you come back."

Right then. Now that Mei Ling's business is sorted, all that is left is trekking across Stage 12. It is a perilous journey which involves holding Up on the D-Pad for nearly 45 whole seconds!

Snake eventually reaches the far end of the hangar...

"... out to its conclusion."

...You know, Solid Snake in the third dimension would never have had a Metal Gear sneak up on him like this.