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Part 10

Plant Chapter, Some Fancy French Number


Pliskin talks about Dead Cell. You can't find this out in regular conversations, but calling Pliskin a few times reveals Vamp's past. When he was a kid, a bomb hit the church he was in and killed his family. He was trapped under rubble and a crucifix pierced his heart. The only way he could survive for the two days he was there was to drink his family's blood. I'm not making this up.

Guess who George Sears really is and win a prize!

Sears' picture doesn't fit in with the rest at all. Fatman, Vamp, and Fortune look like they're about to kick some ass, while Sears looks like he's going to give a speech about the Net Nuetrality act.

Apparently somebody wised up and capped a few of them.

Pliskin offers Raiden some Please-Don't-Sue-Us brand of "Lucky Strikers" cigarettes.

Some real weapons! Finally.

Just don't babble my ear off about Alaskan wilderness.

Pliskin asks for Raiden's name, to which Raiden replies.

Somebody obviously has only played as Sektor.

I think Jack is a cool name. *shrug*

Only mother fucking Iroquis Pliskin could make a "see ya" wave look awesome.


Man's got senses like a hawk.

Pliskin's really gotta kick those nicotine cravings.


Moving on. Raiden leaves and gets a call from Rosemary.

Oh for the love of...

Call me a sap, but I actually enjoyed these conversations between them because of the absurdity of it all.

Tip: Don't ever fucking forget your anniversary with your significant other. Mission failure will result in permanent off-world assignment.


I never quite figured out what she meant by this until my second play-through.

Saving the President should at least be impressive enough for a quick shag, right?

Stupid locker won't open.

Raiden takes his relationship frustration out on the locker, but it doesn't care about him either since he falls inwards.

Konami Eyes, Collect the Whole Set!

This picture is stuck on the inside of one of the transformer hatches.

Gunfire sounds from outside...

The last remnants of SEAL Team 10 try to take out a member of Dead Cell. Doesn't seem to be working.

Who's this?

Damn, they've got the President!

Battle uniforms, as designed by Masamune Shirow.

I always liked Fortune's character. Her backstory was well written, and being a hot ass black woman doesn't hurt either.

I think if I saw this happening, I'd run right the fuck away. Screw the mission, I want to live!

Oh you racist bastard!

Unfortunately, Fortune's voice actress does a really lame job.

"More liek server haxor lol amirite guys? "

Vamp strides out of Shell 1's core...

And takes both the President and the Football.

Hmm. Fortune's called Queen, Ocelot calls Solidus "King"...Raiden's real name is Jack...SEAL Team 10...Snake is The Patriot's "Ace" in the hole. Or am I overanalyzing?

More SEAL's rush in like dumbasses.


Have you not been watching the last 2 minutes of the firefight? Sheesh.

"Actually ma'am, we do have a cake here. We were saving it for our sergeant but some vampire killed him."

Fortune fires her linear cannon.

And blows the everloving shit out of the rest of the SEALs.


"Uh, a little help here, please?"

"Look, I'm sorry about the whole 'shooting at you' thing but I could really use some help - GAAAHHHH *splash*"

"Cracka whaaaaat?"

Artificial extension of gameplay life, you say? None of it!

Fortune strides back in, leaving our hero Raiden a bit shaken up...


Will Raiden complain like a wuss? Will we meet another black guy who dies during the course of the game? Will Raiden ever remember what day April 30th is? (Answer: Not until lots of shit hits the fan)