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Part 19

Plant Chapter, is going on?


After getting a call from Rose confirming the death of Solid Snake over 2 years ago (although the right arm was missing...), Raiden dons his new outfit and sneaks into Shell 1.

The locker room has a few Konami Eyes posters. Must be some of the devs' wives and girlfriends, I'm guessing.

With the outfit on, you can literally run circles around the guards and they won't do anything! I punch this guy in the nuts and then shot him. Good times.

Let's go grab that directional mic.

Inspecting the lockers reveals...


Must. Resist. Urge.

One of Kojima's older games. Unfortunately, it was never released in the US. I'd love to play this since Snatcher kicked all kinds of ass.

Fortune must've been teaching this bird her New Age mumbo jumbo because bullets veer away from it!

"Sorry pal, your guards are all DEAD."

More boxes!

So I capped a guy in the middle of a fap?


Shoulda renamed this to, "A Colored Box Puzzle By Which You Will Need A Full Color Map To Fucking Figure Out."

Now that we've got the mic, let's go talk to Ames.

Gotta..."coerce" a guard into helping me get through this retinal scanner.

It takes two tangos to tango.

Where's Eli Vance when you need him?

They all seem relatively comfortable. In a, "Oh God I don't wanna die" sort of way.

I wonder how JC Denton would handle this situation? Probably turn on subdermal cloaking, then rush in and bash everyone in the head with a plant.

This isn't creepy and a slight revalation to Kojima's voyeuristic tendancies at all!

"Are you Ames?"

"Nope. I'm Potshot. Ames is over there."

Yeah thanks as if I couldn't tell by your little credit bar

I bet Rosemary gives some good "secret service."

This is the third time somebody has said this. Just who is this Lilibadmammajamma anyway?

Oh snapshits.

"Quick, before our budget runs out!"

Ocelot throws a hissy fit.


Thank you for that almost certainly helpful information.

So how exactly can you -- someone?

Soooo...they didn't shoot any hostages?

What...exactly are they doing to the other hostages?

"What? No, they're all gay."

You mean besides birth control?

Meaning, his heart rate, blood pressure, DNA, and so on.

Lemme guess, he's cooperating with them?

It's all coming together now.

Because the government doesn't have any gigantic facilities for this sort of thing, right?


Holy crap, where'd he get all that stuff? Well, considering the fact that Snake can fit two rocket launchers in his pockts in MGS1, this isn't really a problem.

Solidus and Ocelot talk about how Fatman's dead, the appearance of Raiden, and the sudden frequent "attacks" Ocelot's new arm gives him. It also seems as if "the unit" (the new Metal Gear) is now activated, all they need to do is await input from "the girl". Lots of details missing.

You can't kill Snake.

...or you're fucking retarded?

Uh oh. Gotta hurry, then.

Well this just keeps gettin' better.

Yes sir. Let's roll.

Or...ah, we could talk more.



That would be balls. Let's go stop the president.

Or...we could keep talking.

User "IAmetoPleaseAIM" has signed off.



Looks like we're in somewhat of a bind. Better think of something fast! Will we finally get some actual hardware from the armory? Will Raiden take down a fucking Harrier? IS METAL GEAR ALREADY ACTIVE??? Do I really need to answer this time?