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Part 23

Plant Chapter, Are You a Bad Enough Fox-Hounder to Save The President?


(Picture Deleted by The Patriots.)
Well that was fun. In a not-very-fun-oh-my-God-help-I'm-on-fire sort of way.

Raiden needs more EXP for his Grip Level.

Alright, thank you conveniently placed pipe!

It's covered in bird shit.

Walking over this is a big no-no, since it will make Raiden slip and fall into his watery grave. The only choice is to crawl...over it.

That was quite the crappy experience.



Jack?! JAAACK!

Look closely at the letters underneath "Exit".

ARMSTREN GTH = Armstrength (grip level)
AMMOOUS ED314 = Ammo used: 314 rounds
DMGA MMOUNT196 = Damage taken

The other's have X,Y,Z coordinates for the last camera position.

Let's try that again. Oh shit, more trap doors!

Whew. No guards around...

Fox-Hounders lack the ability to jump, it seems.

But they can shimmey across stuff like mean mother fuckers.


"Let's go, let's go, I'm bored, let's go." -Castor Troy

I got spotted by one of those damned guards and had to haul ass from automatic fire. Who fixes the bridges in this place? They're doing a shitty job!

That's the oil fence down there. Notice that it's not actually on fire, like the Colonel said it would be after the bomb that killed Stillman exploded?

"Target may or may not be flambouyantly androgynous and/or mind numbingly confusing."

Cypher-Hunt: Duck Hunt 2006. Coming soon to a Wii near you!

Moving along.

Raiden thinks he can slow his fall by catching the air with his legs.

Fox-Hounder's Can't Jump - Coming this Summer, Starring Wesley Snipes as "Solid Snake" and Woody Harrelson as "Raiden"

"I saw a seagull perched up on a rock near a lake one day. I went up to him and said, 'Don't worry fella, I won't say shit.'" -Mitch

Kojima really likes to open up cutscenes with shots of people's nether regions, doesn't he?

Well, go shoot him! Why are bad guys so inept at this sort of thing?

So Snake owes Sergei 5$ or something?

"Look, just chill out, we'll cap Snake, then go to a Baskin Robbins. How's that sound?"

Somebody skipped past the Tanker Chapter. Pfft.

"Probably wanking off to Hostel. Fucker's weird like that."

I wonder what's this "unit" they keep speaking of.

Good, get outta here. This pseudo cutscene has me staring at a godamned wall.

Big Boss would just tear the thing apart with his teeth.

Sounds like a plan.

No problem!

"Hmm. Well, maybe I'm strong enough to take a few volts..."


Right. Let's never do that again.

That was positively electrifying. Let's go get those missles.


Will even more e/n drama commence between Raiden and Rosemary? Will I accidentally hit the president in the face with a rocket? Will I spend at least half an hour cursing the fact that I can't find the body armor in the under water section?! I sure will.