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by Al Cu Ad Solte

Part 25

Plant Chapter, Vamp's Dance

"Well, shit happens."

Raiden's new objective is to find Emma Emmerich, Otacon's sister, and get her to the computer room in Shell 1's core. It seems that Emma is the systems programmer for the Arsenal program, so unfortunate opportunities of weapons development runs in the family.

Quick Cap of the Next Convo:

Snake and Otacon explain exactly what happened during the Tanker incident, and how it was all a setup to not only frame them into becoming the most wanted enviromental terrorists in the world, but to initiate development on Arsenal by using the Big Shell as camouflage. Also, this gem:

Raiden and Rosemary have a conversation about how Raiden never goes to sleep or stays by her after some shagging. Also, Raiden's room only has a desk and a bed, which scares the fuck out of Rosemary. Surprisingly, Raiden finally grows a pair and basically tells Rose to shut right the fuck up and save it for tomorrow. Way to go, but you coulda told her that sooner. Onwards!

Upon entering the elevator, I am assaulted with maticulous attention to detail.

Wee, more swimming!

Resurfacing for air results in a call from Otacon. Looks like he's got some...bad news.

"Like what? She's messed up in the head after seeing OldBoy?"

Oh godammit.

Thanks, guys. Thanks.

*sigh* Let's get moving.

Raiden wonders what it's like to underwater.

Cool Thing: You can actually walk on the floor! It's slower but more presise.

Gotta open up this door.

Why do I smell bl-



Oh. Just a body.

Well, moving on.

Walking UP stairs while UNDERWATER is fucking hard.

Quite unfortunate.

Yeah, you won't be saying that when you serve as a human tampon for Rosie O'Donell you sonuvabitch!

Especially when they are a pair of breasts.

Right, right.

So that's how he dodges bullets. It almost certaintly makes sense. Doesn't explain too much else though.

Not after I blow you to Hell. Again. :nonexistantmiddlefingeremote:

Talk my ear off, why don't you?

"This is no ordinary bomb. This weapon is capable of heavy hydrogen nuclear fusion using lasers and magnetics to generate heat-unsulated compression.

It was a top secret project initiated bythe current president, and Solidus has no idea of its existence.

The clean thermonuclear bomb is at an experimental stage and is a differently handled nuclear weapon. Specifically, it becomes launch-capable when Arsenal is activated. In short, a nuclear threat still exists."

I didn't really fucking mean it, you asshole.

Bullets in the mornin', bullets in the evenin', bullets at supper time! When bullets are on the table, you can have bullets anytime! *BLAM*

Say hello to Mr. Grenade Launcher.

Raaaahhh! (I'd like to see an FPS based in the Metal Gear universe.)

We're not done yet.

Gotcha now!

Damn it!


See how you like it?! CANT TOUCH THIS

Oh shits, I can't move!

I'm gonna kill you with death!

That was quite exhilerating. Now, to find Emma!


Are you ready for some hardcore post-modern shit to go down? I bet you are.