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Part 26

Plant Chapter, ICO References Abound

I found the body armor! It's pretty damn cool. But enough of that, let's get Emma.

I wonder which one she's in...

Emma pisses herself. Are all weapons scientists completely lack bladder control?

"A little sticky thanks to you, but I'm okay."

Hale also did the voice of Naomi Hunter in MGS1.

"I love Mortal Kombat! Let's go."

Get you out.

Get you out!

"I can't be havin' people read my emails, man."

"Just nod your head if he starts babbling on about how to properly pronounce Fooly Cooly."

Your brother!

Your brother!

Let's go, let's go!


After some convincing, and giving her the ability to finally touch the opposite sex, Emma tags along.

You know how difficult it is trying to swim through this part of the game with a non-pressure sensitive controller? Hint: It's fucking aggrivating!

Well, that wasn't too bad.

I wonder if Kojima is an ICO fan?

Takin' a breather.

Snazzy watch Raiden's got there.

Story Formula 101: When a character reveals often heartwarming stories from their past, it usually means they will be killed off later on.

Yeah, she's gonna get offed.

"If I nod my head 'yes' she eventually stops talking. That's about it, really."

Pfft, great work there "hacker boy". You can access the Pentagon's network but you can't fiddle around with a little impenetrable fortress' computer system?

"Just don't talk to her about your pocky collection, seriously."

Couldn't resist.

My hobbies get a little out of control, sorry.

You aren't the shining example of...well, not building death machines, bruddah.

THANK you.


Too bad ICO didn't have automatic weapons. Those shadow men wouldn't stand a chance!

I just noticed that Japanese symbol on the back of Emma's shoes. Anybody know what it means?

"Did he grab your crotch too? No?! Oh mother fuck."


"The system's a social device for maintaining the Patriots' control.

This day and age, information emerges from every direction, and is freely distributed. A variety of information, gathered by servers employing the latest in high-speed communication networks and P2P technology, is rapidly circulated to individuals.

In fact, the speed of this circulation process is accelerating on an almost daily basis. The Patriots seem to be afraid of this development. Apparently, they believe that their role will shift from dominant to dominated.

Now, look at it like this. Political scandal, corporate corruption, up until now the Patriots have managed to keep a lid on these and other self-serving events. But with their existing data processing system, they are no longer able to effectively control the flow of information generated at the individual level.

With the newly created system, they can fully regulate digital information. High-level information can be categorized in stages, given clearance levels, and deleted as necessary, never to be seen by the public. By deleting such information, the Patriots can shape the course of history as they see fit."

Why the fuck did you build the fucking machine in the first place you stupid whore?!?!

" - of the average individual is extremely limited. On the other hand, digital information lasts virtually forever. It doesn't deteriorate.

The alphabet. Twenty-six letteers, right? It could've been thirty letters. What if the 4 deleted letters were controlled by a program?

In fact, something similar is already underway. Do you know how many genes exist in an individual?"

That's a lot of missing genes. Levi must be so pissed.

"GW is a system that allows the Patriots to decide what will be recorded in tomorrow's history.

The actual, physical core for handling the task, GW, is installed in Arsenal Gear. It's the only system in the world with an optic neural AI that has a parallel processing capacity of 980 trillion hammets. Soon to be available for $200,000 from NViDIA."

Good idea concentrating all this power into one pilotable fortress, wasn't it? Big Boss would cream his pants had he been alive right now.

Physically and logically, you are a fucking moron for helping develop this in the first place.

Emma explains how the actual task for controlling all this information "exists within our social structure." During the Y2K panic, the Patriots developed a system that was passed on the every key governmental complex in the world. The system itself contains code for GW to interface with, giving the Patriots control over digital information on a global scale. Well, we're fucked.


Well, that was interesting. And by "interesting" I mean