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Metal Gear Solid 2

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Part 8

Big Shell Chapter, Continued


The music track that plays during this cutscene is called "The Elevator Up to Hell" on the OST.

Are we gonna see who's the man behind the mask?

What the...

I once played a game of paintball with a team called "The Sons of Liberty". They weren't MGS fans though.

I love Metal Gear Logic. "If I repeat things, it will become more clear to the player! "

WTF is this shit? KOJIMA!!!

To be honest though, my only gripe with Raiden was his appearance. The voice fit (if a bit too nasally at times) and his past was all kinds of fucked up, but his actual appearance was horrifying. He's got child-bearing hips for crying out loud! I blame the 3D modellers at Konami. For example, let's take a look at one of Shinkawa's illustrations:

Effeminate, yes, but still badass looking. They just threw that out of the window with the in-game model. He looks like the bastard child of Bjork and a mutant from System Shock.

Anyway, moving on.

Too bad you're not in a Splinter Cell mission. None of the bad guys pay the electric bills in those games.

Kojima said they built a small-scale model in order to get the construction of the Big Shell to be realistic.

Let's roll!

This item is utterly useless no matter what difficulty the game is on. Must've been Kojima experimenting with the whole healing system for MGS3.

There's just something about bird shit that compells Raiden to run into it.

"Weeeee - OH FUCK"


"Oh hay ammo"


Crawl under this fence. You know you want to.

Fucking birds! I hope you wake up and...well, I don't hope you wake up!

Shutup Colonel, I know how to crawl under a damned fence.

Inside Strut A.

You do that.

"What was that? Someone knocking against a wall to distract me? Whelp, let's see what it was!"

"Your blaclava smells wonderful too!" *snap*

One of the many "Konami Eyes" posters.

Two guards, me with no guns. What to do...

Why, sneak under their (lack of) line of sight!


This leads into the transformer room. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.

Holy what.


Will Raiden make lots of funny faces? Will SEAL Team 10 get the shit killed out of them? Will Pliskin, despite rumors of being killed in Cleveland, show up? Damn straight.