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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

by Chip Cheezum, snarkcookie

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Original Thread: Big Boss and Master Miller's Spanglish Vacation - MGS: Peace Walker [VLP]



Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the next installment of Big Boss' story arc. Originally made as a portable game for the PSP, it was ported to the PS3 and 360 in a HD re-release along with MGS2 and MGS3. Peace Walker is a departure from the normal games, as it was restructured to lend itself to being a portable game.

Peace Walker takes place 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3. It is a kidnapping simulator where you strap balloons onto unconscious men. It is also about Big Boss and Master Miller flipping some crappy real estate in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and turning it into the world's greatest club for men.

Peace Walker is a nearly full co-op game, a first for the series. Because of this, I wanted to LP the game co-op. However, General Ironicus does not own a PS3 or this game, and buying all of that to do an LP is kind of silly! So instead, my good friend Snarkcookie will be joining me for this let's play. She's been around in many videos before, mainly the Uncharted 2 and MGS4 multiplayer videos. Let's try not to complain about change!

List of Metal Gear LPs in series chronology:
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Current LP
Metal Gear 1 & 2
Metal Gear Solid 1
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

1) Please, do not spoil shit. Not just the plot of the game, but the crazy easter eggs, product tie-ins, and crazy late-game unlockable missions. Half of the fun is seeing the crazy shit happen without knowing anything about it.
2) Let's try not to cry about Ironicus not being in the LP. He'll be here for the side content videos that will start later on.

What aren't you LPing Portable Ops first?
I don't really like Portable Ops that much. I don't think it's very fun. Thankfully, the plot to the game has virtually no impact on anything else. There is a link to an LP of it above, if you're curious about it.

Peace Walker Videos

Episode 0: Portable Ops
Episode 1-1: 10 Years Later
Episode 1-2: The Phoenix Bird
Episode 1-3: Paz's Tape
Episode 2-1: Mother Base.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 2-2: La Esperanza.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 2-3: Briefing Files #1
Episode 3-1: Gun Fishing.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 3-2: The Great Cacique.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 3-3: Briefing Files #2 - Some backstory on Amanda
Episode 4-1: Hombre Nuevo.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 4-2: Special Day.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 4-3: Briefing Files #3 - Some more backstory on Amanda and Chico
Episode 5-1: Tres Bien.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 5-2: V for Victory.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 5-3: Briefing Files #4
Episode 6-1: Déjà vu.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 6-2: Useless Legs.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 6-3: Briefing Files #5 - Chatting w/Notacon and Chico talks about UMAs (IMPORTANT)
Huey's Letter
Episode 7-1: Gentle Landing.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 7-2: French Birds.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 7-3: Briefing Files #6 - Chatting w/Huey, Chico talks about more UMAs, Paz's backstory (IMPORTANT)
Episode 8-1: Clanged In.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 8-2: Squinty Eyes.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 8-3: Briefing Files #7 - Huey talks about Dr. Strangelove and his letter, Miller sees the light
Episode 9-1: Creed.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 9-2: Superman
Episode 9-3: Briefing Files #8 - Miller and Snake talk about the Cardboard Box Tank, Miller's origin story, How Miller met Snake
Episode 9-4: Briefing Files #9 - Chico continues to talk about UMAs
Episode 10-1: Info Dump
Episode 10-2: War Crime.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 10-3: Briefing Files #10 - Huey talks about Granin, Sokolov, and the Shagohod; Cecile talks about birds while Miller gets about manga and steam locomotives
Episode 11-1: Hrglbrgl.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 11-2: CAW.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 11-3: Torture Cutscenes
Episode 11-4: Briefing Files #11 - Miller hits on Amanda, Cecile shrieks at Big Boss for a solid minute and then talks about France for a while
Episode 12-1: Horse QTE.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 12-2: Beef.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 12-3: Briefing Files #12 - Huey talks about Granin more
Episode 13-1: Heaven's Divide.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 13-2: Briefing Files #13 - Miller talks about Che Guevara
Episode 14: Jack.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 15-1: Sing.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 15-2: Outer Heaven.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 15-3: Briefing Files #14 Strangelove's name, Huey and Snake talk about Santa Claus
Episode 15-4: Operation Snake Eater Simulation
Episode 16-1: Banana.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 16-2: Eva's Tapes #1-#3.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 16-3: Briefing Files #15 Strangelove talks about how ZEKE's AI is different from Peace Walker's, her thoughts on Huey, and Cecile continues to be French
Episode 17-1: You're Fired.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 17-2: Pooyan.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 17-3: Eva's Tapes #4 & #5.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 18-1: UMA.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 18-2: P.A.L.S.
Episode 18-3: Eva's Tapes #6 & #7.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 18-4: Briefing Files #16 Chico talks about the island, Strangelove talks about The Boss' horse, Cecile is still French
Episode 19-1: Z-Meister.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 19-2: Ghosts
Episode 19-3: Briefing Files #17 Strangelove talks about AI, Cecile gets drunk
Episode 20-1: The Zadornov Trickshot.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 20-2: Man Party
Episode 20-3: Briefing Files #18 Strangelove talks about AI some more
Episode 20-4: Strangelove's Tapes #1
Episode 21-1: Rocket Peace.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 21-2: Love Deterrence.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 21-3: Briefing Files #19 Miller and Chico's reactions to recent events
Episode 21-4: Strangelove's Tapes #2
Episode 22-1: The Balloon Particle
Episode 22-2: Strangelove's Tapes #3
Episode 23: Super Co-Op
Episode 23 Bonus: Chip's Dream
Episode 24-1: A and S
Episode 24-2: Paz's Tapes 1-3.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 25-1: Unholy Terror
Episode 25-2: Paz's Tapes 4-6.....Uncut Commentary
Retsutalk 23: Et tu, C2E2?
Episode 26: Stealth & Paz's Tapes 7-10.....Uncut Commentary
Episode 27-1: 4-Player
Episode 27-2: The Ultimate Co-Op Weapon
Episode 27-3: Love on the Battlefield
Episode 27-4: The End.....Uncut Commentary

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