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Original Thread: Do you know the one about the Dark Railtracer? Let's Play Metro 2033 Redux



Do you know the one about the Dark Railtracer? Let's Play Metro 2033 Redux

Привет, товарищи! Welcome to

Metro 2033 Redux is the remake of the prequel to 2013' s Metro: Last Light. Well, kinda. Metro 2033 came out in 2010 and people were quick to note the game had an amazing atmosphere and fantastic worldbuilding, which set it apart from other games. While it was well received, it had some issues which turned a lot of people off the game. I mentioned some of these issues during my Last Light LP:


To be quite honest, I didn't like Metro 2033 when I first played it. It had a great premise and a fantastic, moody setting, but the enemies were bullet spongy as hell and came in swarms, ammo was scarce and you were likely to end up using your Military-grade ammo (the game's currency) just to shoot monsters, which ended up screwing you in the long run. There was a stealth mechanic in place that helped you get through a lot of the human-populated levels, but since the game never told you you could just stealth sections you ended up fighting your way out, which exacerbated the ammo issue.

In spite of this, the game did well enough that a sequel came out in 2013: Metro Last Light. Last Light delivered much better gameplay while still delivering the atmosphere and 'feeling' that made 2033 so unique, and while some people complained the game was too easy compared to 2033 (more on that later), it did well enough that 4A Games decided to update 2033 and Last Light to a slightly improved version of Last Light's engine, and so the Redux versions came to be.

2033 made the most of the engine change, while the differences between LL and LL:Redux are minimal at best:

We're playing on Survival Mode since is closer to how OG 2033 played, meaning we're squishy and ammo/supplies are way scarcer compared to Spartan Mode, which is what Last Light was balanced around.

We'll be going for the game's canon ending. If you don't know what that means, don't google it and just enjoy the ride. If you've played LL or seen my LP of it, you probably know what this means. I may show off the differences between both paths but I don't want to make promises at this point.

Along the way we'll be getting all journal pages and safe boxes and I'll try to show off the game as best I can, so we'll be doing a fair bit of exploring and taking our time during the civilian sections to show off conversations and interesting stuff. I sometimes put some outtakes/extra bits at the end of the videos, so stick around.

Update Schedule?
I'll try and update once a week, probably on Fridays. I'm aiming at 20-30 min updates, so depending on length a single update may have more than one level.

Jesus H. Christ you still suck at FPS.
Still not a question. Still true. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh hey you missed X and also you didn't mention that Y happens when you Z
Let's get this out of the way: I'll miss stuff. Fell free to point it out, just don't be a dick about it.

Let's keep it spoiler free. I know that some of you may come from my Last Light LP and I'd rather not start discussing things before they happen.

Wait a second... didn't you start this already!?
I have no idea what you're talking about.

Joking aside... yeah, this is my second attempt at this. I have all the footage already recorded so it should be smooth sailing all the way to the end this time. You may remember I had a few more updates published in the old thread; it's been long enough since then that I thought starting over was worth it so if you're coming from the old thread, sorry, bear with me for a couple of updates.

Also do me a favour and watch the intro video till the end, I put a lot of work on that one.

Alright, enough intro. Grab a drink, dim the lights and put your headphones on, we're going back to the metro.

No journal entries for this update.

No journal entries for this update.

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