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by pannycakes

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Original Thread: Fallout is quaint and optimistic. Let's play Metro 2033.



Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter with aspirations of survival horror based on the novel of the same name by Russian author and journalist Dmitry Glukhovsky. Released in mid-March of 2010, it was developed by Ukranian development upstart 4A Games, notable for being home to a few former GSC Game World employees that left the company during the troubled development cycle of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.

The game itself is a linear FPS that, at points, allows you to take different approaches to hostile situations and provides multiple routes through many of its areas to cater to your favored approach. It takes elements from other genres (and some FPSs) by allowing you to visit markets in most of the stations you visit, offering supplies, weapons, ammo, and armor for sale. It is, in the end, a highly engineered and highly atmospheric experience.

We enter the narrative in Moscow in 2033, twenty years after the nuclear apocalypse. The 40,000 souls that survived did so by fleeing into the city's famed metro system. The player takes on the role of Artyom, a young man born in Moscow before the devastation and raised inside the metro, on his journey out of his home station and into the dangerous tunnels of the metro to stop the mysterious Dark Ones.

Despite largely positive reviews (particularly praising its atmosphere and occasionally its story and consistently bashing its shooting and stealth mechanics), the game came and went with little fanfare. Let's see if we can't show you why it shouldn't have.

This will be a subtitle LP and we're going to be taking it a bit light on the commentary.


Prologue (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Hunter (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Exhibition / Chase (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Riga / Lost Tunnels (Viddler) (Labtanner)
The Bridge / Lost Catacombs / Market (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Dead City (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Dry (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Ghosts / Anomaly (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Cursed / Armory (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Frontline (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Trolley Combat / Depot (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Defense (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Child (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Outpost (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Black Station (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Polis / Alley (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Library / Depository / Archives (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Driving to Sparta (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Dark Star / Dungeon / Cave (Viddler) (Labtanner)
D6 (Viddler) (Labtanner)
Biomass / Separation (Viddler) (Labtanner)

Tower / Top / Ethereal (Viddler) (Labtanner)


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Rebel Blob
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