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Original Thread: Metroid Prime Megathread: "Any objections, Ridley?" "Ahhhhhhhh!"




Video 1 - Baldurdash
Video 2 - Sector 1 - Baldurdash
Video 3 - Sector 2 - Baldurdash
Video 4 - Sector 4 - Baldurdash
Video 5 - Sector 3 - Baldurdash
Video 6 - Sector 6 - Baldurdash
Video 7 - Sector 5 - Baldurdash
Video 8 - Emergency in Baldurdash
Video 9 - Baldurdash
Video 10 - ARC Baldurdash
Video 11 - Reactor Baldurdash
Video 12 - TRO Baldurdash
Video 13 - TRO to Baldurdash
Video 14 - Baldurdash
Video 15 - AQA Baldurdash
Video 16 - NOC Baldurdash
Video 17 - SRX Baldurdash
Video 18 - Escape from Baldurdash

0% Run by MeccaPrime

MeccaPrime from the previous thread posted:

After watching Diabetus and slowbeef play through Metroid Fusion and discuss the "theoretical zero percent run," I decided to go ahead and do said zero percent run. I have already completed the entire run, but after talking with slowbeef, I have decided that the best way to present it would be to chop it up into segments and only release the ones that Diabetus has been too (so as not to spoil the fuck out of the rest of the game). This is a skilled playthrough of the game with no tool-assistance (aside from the one part where you are forced to use slowdowns to get past the "unskippable missile" because, seriously, who the fuck has 1/60th of a second reaction time?).
Opening Sequence: Youtube
Sector SRX: Youtube
Sector TRO: Youtube
Sector AQA: Youtube
Sector PYR: Youtube
Sector NOC: Youtube
Sector ARC: Youtube
PYR Revisited: Youtube
Survivors/ARC Revisited: Youtube
Power Outage: Youtube
Power Restored: Youtube
Nightmare: Youtube
AQA Revisited: Youtube
(Bonus) Secret Message: Youtube
NOC Revisited: Youtube
It's a Livin': Youtube
Final Countdown: Youtube

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