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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

by slowbeef, Diabetus

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Original Thread: Metroid Prime Megathread: "Any objections, Ridley?" "Ahhhhhhhh!"



In this thread, you will see:
- Slowbeef bumbling through Metroid Prime: Corruption with only his pal Diabetus and a rotating guest to save him!
- Pokecapn skillfully recording a stream of Metroid Prime Trilogy
- Diabetus exploring the wilderness of Metroid: Fusion
- Vicas showing us how competent people play video games
- Maybe Metroid Prime Pinball?
- Maybe other games?
- This image, which was one of the best things to come out of 226 pages of the previous thread.

You'll find all sorts of links below, but for now, let's not break from tradition (I fear change) and go with an OP for our current game!

The Prime trilogy ends with a game with a lot of poorly thought out decisions. It's supposed to be pretty good, but I dunno. I mean let's look at the facts here:

Cutscenes: Metroid with voice-acted cutscenes? I guess as long as they don't run on too long or go into ridiculous territory, it might be okay. Why do this, Retro? What next, do we get Samus's backstory spelled out in excruciating detail? A token black character? Ridley as a baby? Okay, that last one might be stretching the joke too far.

Weird Controls: I know it's a Wiimote, but you don't have to stubbornly adhere to any sort of protocol. Just because Nintendo deemed it on high that you have to do gimmicky motion stuff, isn't it more important to match the controls to the gameplay? Plus some of it's a little inaccurate, and I end up throwing out the grapple lasso whip thing when I may not intend to; it's a good thing that's not mapped to anything important like a finishing move or dodging.

A Non-Nintendo Developer?: Look, Retro, you guys did good with Prime 1 and... anyway, yeah, fuck Other M let's just cut to the chase here.

What to seriously expect:

- Me, incompetently trying to juggle a Wiimote, a nunchuck, coffee, and a cigarette. It's kinda retarded when I switch to Advanced controls in Video 5 and even moreso that I brazenly chose Veteran difficulty.

- Diabetus, playing the role of expert - or at least competently keeping me on track. This actually might be more in line with a regular LP than the previous two. But I doubt it.

- A pretty great new control system, and very pretty graphics and very cool things and why the fuck won't Sakomoto just die and let Retro do all the Metroid games from now on and ahhhhhh

On a more serious note, some light Other M discussion is inevitable, but please don't turn this thread into a series of black spoiler bars. If you wanna seriously debate some of the in-game stuff, take it to the Other M thread in Games.


001 - GFS Olympus, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
002 - Boss: Berserker Lord, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
003 - Norion, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
004 - Meta-Ridley, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
005 - GFS Olympus -> Bryyo, slowbeef/Diabetus/Chip Baldurdash
006 - Bryyo, slowbeef/Diabetus/Chip Baldurdash
007 - Bryyo Fiery Spaceport, slowbeef/Diabetus/Chip Baldurdash
008 - Rundas, slowbeef/Diabetus/Enigmatic Baldurdash
009 - Upgrade: Ship Missiles, slowbeef/Diabetus/Enigmatic Baldurdash
010 - Hypermode Hijinks, slowbeef/Diabetus/Enigmatic Baldurdash
011 - Boss: Korakk, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
012 - Lasso Lollapalooza, slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
013a - Boss: Mogenar (edited), slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
013b - Boss: Mogenar (super-long), slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
014 - Item Collection with Angry Diabetus, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
015 - Skytown, Elysia, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
016 - Boss: Defense Drone, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
017 - Ghor, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
018 - Portal?, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
019 - Bryyo Ice and East Skytown, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
020a - Ridley in a Banana Hammock (trainwreck), slowbeef/Blister/baldurk Baldurdash
020b - Hopper Metroids (trainwreck), slowbeef/Blister/baldurk Baldurdash
020c - Phazon Metroids (progress), slowbeef/Blister/ Baldurdash
021 - Theronian Bomb, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
022 - Boss: Helios, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
023 - Pirate Homeworld, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
024 - Backtracking and Phaazoids, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
025 - Space Marine Rescue, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
026 - Gandrayda, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
027 - Spider Ball, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
028a. Wrong Way, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
028b. Hazard Shield, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
029 - Nova Beam, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
030 - No More Items on Norion, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
031 - Item Collection: Bryyo Fire and Ice, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
032 - Ridiculous Item Collection on Bryyo, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
033 - No More Items on Bryyo, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
034 - Item Collection on Skytown, slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
035 - Return to Pirate Homeworld, slowbeef/Vicas/ Baldurdash
036 - Assault on Pirate Homeworld, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
037 - Omega Ridley, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
038 - GFS Valhalla, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
039 - 100%, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
040 - Phaaze, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash
041 - The End, slowbeef/Diabetus/Vicas/ Baldurdash

Pokecapn's Run

1 - Advanced Controls (Guests: Ambisagrus, VPrisoner, Toffile, K1WI, Kung-Fu Jesus, Spinning Robo, A Raving Loon)Ustream
2 - to Meta Ridley (Guests: Ambisagrus, Vprisoner, Toffile, Spinning Robo, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
3 - to Bryyo Map Station (Guests: Vprisoner, Toffile, Spinning Robo, K1WI, A Raving Loon)Ustream
4 - up to Ice Missiles (Guests: A Raving Loon, Krakhan)Ustream
5 - Up to Ship Missiles (Guests: A Raving Loon, Krakhan)Ustream
6 - Opening Bryyo Leviathan shield (Guests: A Raving Loon, Krakhan, Toffile, Spinning Robo, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
7 - Up through Hyper Ball(Guests: A Raving Loon, Toffile, Krakhan, Spinning Robo, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
8 - Up to Boost Ball (Guests: Toffile, Kung-Fu Jesus, VPrisoner, A Raving Loon)Ustream
9 - Up to Plasma Beam(Guests: Toffile, VPrisoner, Kung-Fu Jesus, A Raving Loon, Spinning Robo)Ustream
10 - Up to Screw Attack(Guests: Toffile, VPrisoner, Kung-Fu Jesus, Spinning Robo, HulkaMatt)Ustream
11 - Up to Ship Grapple (Guests: Toffile, Kung-Fu Jesus, A Raving Loon, Spinning Robo, HulkaMatt)Ustream
12 - Up to second bomb part (Guests: Kung-Fu Jesus, Spinning Robo, A Raving Loon, Toffile)Ustream
12.8 - Up to bomb drop-off (Guests: Kung-Fu Jesus, Spinning Robo, A Raving Loon, Toffile)Ustream
13 - Up to Hyper Missile (Guests: Kung-Fu Jesus, Spinning Robo, A Raving Loon, Toffile)Ustream
14 - Up to Grapple Voltage (Guests: Kung-Fu Jesus, Spinning Robo, A Raving Loon, Toffile)Ustream
15 - Up to Spider Ball (Guests: VPrisoner, Toffile, Krakhan, Spinning Robo)Ustream
16 - Up to Hazard Shield (Guests: VPrisoner, Toffile, Krakhan, Spinning Robo)Ustream
17 - Up to Nova Beam (Guests: VPrisoner, Toffile, Krakhan, Spinning Robo)Ustream
18 - Norion item cleanup (Guests: VPrisoner, Toffile, Krakhan, Spinning Robo)Ustream
19 - Bryyo item cleanup (Guests: VPrisoner, Toffile, Krakhan, Spinning Robo)Ustream
20 - GFS Valhalla cleanup(Guests: VPrisoner, A Raving Loon, Toffile, Spinning Robo)Ustream
21 - Up to disabling Space Pirate Shield (Guests: VPrisoner, A Raving Loon, Toffile, Spinning Robo)Ustream
22 - Up to Hyper Grapple (Guests: VPrisoner, A Raving Loon, Toffile, Spinning Robo)Ustream
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