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by slowbeef, Diabetus

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Original Thread: Metroid Prime Megathread: "Any objections, Ridley?" "Ahhhhhhhh!"



Long-ass typical LP OP:

Once upon a time, there was Metroid. It was oriented like a side-scroller, but it focused on exploration and discovery. You played as bounty hunter Samus Aran, and in a twist bigger than the Sixth Sense, it turned out under your armor that you were an alien species with some strange organ known as a "vagina." Metroid spawned three official sequels and a remake on Nintendo's various platforms... but none on the GameCube.

Well, that's where a company in Austin, Texas - a first-party developer for Nintendo - called Retro Studios comes in. See, they had their own idea for a twist on Metroid... a way to make it stand out from its previous incarnations...


How long have you played a Metroid game and wondered, "Why can't I look at something for about a second and a half, and then have to read about it?" Wonder no longer! Metroid Prime meets all your Spergy "learn the fuck out of shit I'm gonna blow up anyway" needs and then some! Every computer terminal, enemy, item upgrade - scan, scan, scan. It's like Samus is now a cross between an intergalactic bounty hunter and a grocery store clerk.

Also it's like first person or something too, I dunno.

I'm doing this LP somewhat blind - I played Prime years ago, but only got to... um, Thardus? Tharduk? The rock guy. I never finished it, so hoping to capitalize on the only thing I ever did right callback to my old Super Metroid thread, there's going to be a lot of buffoonery and rotating guests. There will usually be a mainstay (Diabetus) to make sure the videos don't go way off the rails, but you too can join me on my quest to scan the goddamned galaxy!

I'm usually not a huge fan of blind LPs, so I will employ editing or replay parts if things start getting boring or stupid. All I ask of you, viewer...


001. Derelict Space Station, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
002. Tallon Overworld -> Chozo Ruins West, slowbeef/ Baldurdash
003. Chozo Ruins West, slowbeef/Diabetus/Chip Baldurdash
004. Chozo Ruins West -> Magmoor Caverns, slowbeef/Chip Cheezum/ Baldurdash
005. Magmoor Caverns -> Phendrana Drifts, slowbeef/Chip Cheezum/ Baldurdash
006. Phendrana Drifts: Boost Ball Ballyhoo, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
007. Item Collection, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
008. Phendrana Drifts -> Research Lab Hydra, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
009. Research Lab Hydra -> Research Lab Aether, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
010. Research Lab Aether, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
011. Quarantine Cave, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
012. Return to Chozo Ruins, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
013. Deeper in Chozo Ruins, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
014. Impact Crater, slowbeef/General Ironicus/ Baldurdash
015. Impact Crater -> Phendrana Drifts, slowbeef/General Ironicus/ Baldurdash
016. The Wrecked Ship, slowbeef/General Ironicus/ Baldurdash
017a. Phazon Mines Attempt 1, slowbeef/Blister/Mr. Baldurdash
017b. Phazon Mines Attempt 2, slowbeef/Blister/Mr. Baldurdash
017c. Phazon Mines Successful Attempt, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
018. Metroid Quarantine A, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
019. Ghosts of the Chozo, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
020. Item Collection in Chozo Ruins, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
021. Return to Phazon Mines, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
022. Spiderballing Expert Level, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
023a. Item Collection With Kefkafloyd (long version), slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
023b. Item Collection With Kefkafloyd (summary version), slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
024. Phendrana Drifts -> Phazon Mines, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
025. Flamethrowing, slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
026. Metroid Quarantine B (boss video), slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
027. Artifact of Elder (7/12), slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
028. Artifact of Spirit (8/12), slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
028b. Trainwreck with Khad/Toffile, slowbeef/Khad/ Baldurdash
029. Artifact of Lifegiver (9/12) Baldurdash
030. Artifact of World (10/12) Baldurdash
031. Artifact of Newborn (11/12) Baldurdash
032. Artifact of Warrior (12/12) Baldurdash
033a. Meta-Ridley with Cherry Doom and Baldurdash
033b. Meta-Ridley with Baldurdash
034. Antepenultimate? - slowbeef, Diabetus, Baldurdash
035. 250/15/8 - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash
036. Prime - slowbeef/Diabetus/ Baldurdash

Click here for the full 900x756 image.

Vicas' Sequence Breaks Run

Episode Baldurdash
Episode 2 - A Brisk Tour of Chozo Baldurdash
Episode 3 - Hot and Cold (and then some) Baldurdash
Episode 4 - Slipping Out the Back Baldurdash
Episode 5 - Baldurdash
Episode 6 - Phazon Baldurdash
Episode 7 - Dig Baldurdash
Episode 8 - Omega Pirate Baldurdash
Episode 9 - Meta-Ridley Baldurdash
Episode 10 - Metroid Prime Baldurdash

Pokecapn's Run

1 - Beginning to just before the space jump (Guests: medibot, Spinning Robo, Toffile, Kung-Fu Jesus, slowbeef)Ustream
2 - Space Jump through Thardus/Spider Ball (Guests: Toffile, Kung-Fu Jesus, Krakhan (slowbeef and medibot leave in the first 10 minutes))Ustream
3 - Spider Ball to Phazon Mines. (Guests: Toffile, medibot, Spinning Robo, Vprisoner, Krakhan)Ustream
4 - Phazon Mines to X-Ray Visor/Grapple Beam, Chozo Ruins backtracking. (Guests: Toffile, Ambisagrus, medibot, Spinning Robo, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
5 - Backtracking to Flamethrower, just before Omega Pirate. (Guests: Toffile, Ambisagrus, medibot, Spinning Robo, Kung-Fu Jesus)Ustream
6 - Omega Pirate to the end. (Guests: Toffile, medibot, Spinning Robo, Kung-Fu Jesus.)Ustream
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