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Part 8: Bonus Update 4.5: Witch Tower Area

Bonus Update 4.5: Witch Tower Area

Voting's closed: by a margin of 7 votes to 6, we'll be going to Nightshadow next update. Probably the right choice if you wanted to go easy on me. For now, let's take a look at the areas we've finished exploring.

The editors were asleep at the keyboard for this one: the claim that Wicked Witches don't have a ranged attack is a lie, and Goblins do physical damage, not poison. As far as I know, the other information is correct. Annoyingly, Wicked Witches are just fast enough and tough enough that you're not likely to be able to kill them before they get a turn and try to curse all your stuff.

The witch tower is a pretty small and straightforward dungeon, despite having four levels. That bit on the south end of the fourth floor is the secret passage leading to Falista's alacorn. The map of the rooftop area is in a separate section of the hintbook, and I'm not showing it off until we've actually explored it properly.

Let's also see the outdoor areas immediately surrounding the tower, since we're mostly done exploring them now.

Well, I did say "mostly". I've censored the bits relating to quests and encounters we haven't dealt with yet. Don't bother squinting at it: it'll do you no good and I disclaim all liability for vision problems that may result.

Skeletons and Zombies are a bit tougher than their stats make them look, thanks to their high resistances. They can take quite a beating and like to appear in large groups, although on the bright side they're some of the slowest monsters in the game. Giant Toads are still tougher, but you can usually avoid facing more than one of those at a time.

Sorry about the artifacty map images: they're the same way in the PDF of the hintbook, so there's not much I can do short of actually taking a bunch of screenshots and cobbling together a replacement map. Nightshadow is just off the western edge of this map: look forward to seeing it soon!