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Part 103: Bonus Update 55.5: Southern Sphinx

Bonus Update 55.5: Southern Sphinx

I like how the hintbook acknowledges that a typical party is just gonna go around stealing everything in their path while happening to save the world in the process. Anyway, everything in this dungeon uses physical attacks, so armour class is the order of the day. The Ghost Mummies and Phase Mummies selectively target Clerics, so prioritise armouring your cleric if you can. High HP is also important for enduring the blade traps, and for taking a hit from monsters if one gets through (especially from the Dragon Mummies).

The stairs down to the dungeon are in the sphinx's tail at the end of the big blade trap hallway, while the stairs up to the head are at the end of the little passage that spirals from the right side into the centre. Most dead-ends in the dungeon end in either dragon embalming fluid or a clue to the sphinx's name, so it's worth exploring thoroughly, and keeping Wizard Eye active to find the chambers reachable only by teleportation. Oh, and remember, the treasure in the northwest corner of the 3x2 room is the only one that won't kill you.

Next time, we explore the last real dungeon left in Xeen. It's gonna be a big one.