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Part 105: Bonus Update 56.5: Dungeon of Death

Bonus Update 56.5: Dungeon of Death

This is my favourite dungeon in the game, hands down. It'd be my favourite dungeon in most games. How can you dislike a dungeon that has a whole level devoted to a giant crossword puzzle? Plus there's treasure and monsters and stuff, that's always cool.

I'm gonna go ahead and list all the crossword clues and solutions here, because why not (and because Glazius didn't believe there were really 89 words to fill in):

1 Across: King's Staff. Answer: Scepter.
2 Across: Spell of transportation. Answer: Teleportation
3 Across: Movement Spell: Time ----------. Answer: Distortion
4 Across: Little Green Imp. Answer: Leprechaun
5 Across: Count Blackfang. Answer: Vampire
6 Across: Imprisoned Queen. Answer: Kalindra
7 Across: Sorcery. Answer: Magic
8 Across: Star. Answer: Nova
9 Across: Spell to overcome weakness. Answer: Revitalize
10 Across: Prophet. Answer: Seer
11 Across: Desert lizard. Answer: Iguana
12 Across: Mistake. Answer: Error
13 Across: Freed from spaceship. Answer: Corak
14 Across: Corrosive liquid. Answer: Acid
15 Across: Fighting ring. Answer: Arena
16 Across: Bowman. Answer: Archer
17 Across: Lost the Holy Book of Elvenkind. Answer: Tito
18 Across: Enchantress. Answer: Sorceress
19 Across: Cure for eradication. Answer: Resurrection
20 Across: A knight who prefers the woods. Answer: Ranger
21 Across: Castle beyond the Forbidden Zone. Answer: Alamar
22 Across: Stern; harsh. Answer: Severe
23 Across: Castle Basenji password. Answer: Therewolf
24 Across: City of the undead. Answer: Necropolis
25 Across: Beastly nose. Answer: Snout
26 Across: Wisdom. Answer: Knowledge
27 Across: Two-handed sword. Answer: Flamberge
28 Across: Incantation. Answer: Spell
29 Across: Employ an item. Answer: Use
30 Across: Sorcerer's favourite secondary skill. Answer: Prestidigitator
31 Across: Buzzard. Answer: Vulture
32 Across: Precious metal. Answer: Gold
33 Across: Nimble; quick. Answer: Agile
34 Across: Fairy tale; legend. Answer: Fable
35 Across: Medin's award: ---------'s Friend. Answer: Fisherman
36 Across: Spell of perception. Answer: Clairvoyance
37 Across: A three pronged spear. Answer: Trident
38 Across: Boar. Answer: Swine
39 Across: Bones; remains. Answer: Skeleton
40 Across: City of sorcerers. Answer: Sandcaster
41 Across: Power. Answer: Energy
42 Down: Tower located in Troll Forest. Answer: Darkstone
43 Down: Wyvern. Answer: Dragon
44 Down: Ellinger's Tower is located here. Answer: Castleview
45 Down: City of ghosts. Answer: Winterkill
46 Down: Tie; restrain with a leash. Answer: Tether
47 Down: You need an amulet to gain entry. Answer: Sphinx
48 Down: Brute; animal. Answer: Beast
49 Down: Strength; brawn. Answer: Might
50 Down: Illness. Answer: Disease
51 Down: Knight's attendant. Answer: Page
52 Down: Convict. Answer: Criminal
53 Down: Priest; magician. Answer: Druid
54 Down: Eight legged squid. Answer: Octopus
55 Down: Relating to arachnids. Answer: Arachnoid
56 Down: Sorcerer. Answer: Wizard
57 Down: Half lion, half eagle. Answer: Griffin
58 Down: Bug; bee. Answer: Insect
59 Down: Castle ditch. Answer: Moat
60 Down: Fright. Answer: Fear
61 Down: Precision. Answer: Accuracy
62 Down: Unicorn whose Alacorn was stolen. Answer: Falista
63 Down: Spooky. Answer: Eerie
64 Down: Myriapod. Answer: Centipede
65 Down: Range climber. Answer: Mountaineer
66 Down: Aquatic reptile. Answer: Alligator
67 Down: Underground jail. Answer: Dungeon
68 Down: Rodent. Answer: Rat
69 Down: Grotesque creature. Answer: Gargoyle
70 Down: Alarm; scare. Answer: Startle
71 Down: Armoured mammal. Answer: Armadillo
72 Down: Gremlin. Answer: Goblin
73 Down: Wrapped corpse. Answer: Mummy
74 Down: Not alive but not dead. Answer: Undead
75 Down: Snake poison. Answer: Venom
76 Down: Way of transportation in the Land of Xeen. Answer: Mirror
77 Down: He had a pet dragon. Answer: Xeen
78 Down: Savage; primitive person. Answer: Barbarian
79 Down: Winged horse. Answer: Pegasus
80 Down: Tiara. Answer: Crown
81 Down: Game author's initials. Answer: JVC
82 Down: Captive. Answer: Prisoner
83 Down: Sphere. Answer: Orb
84 Down: Map maker. Answer: Cartographer
85 Down: Subterranean drain. Answer: Sewer
86 Down: Trip and fall. Answer: Stumble
87 Down: Half man, half bull. Answer: Minotaur
88 Down: Traveller on a quest. Answer: Crusader
89 Down: Fire, water, air and earth. Answer: Elements

Once you get to the fourth floor, you can just head straight to the control room if you don't care about the experience from destroying the Lord Xeen generators. On the other hand, since the main reason to reach the end of the dungeon is for bragging rights anyway, you may as well do it properly and lay waste to the entire dungeon level.

In the next and final update of Let's Play World of Xeen, the party will bear witness to the fulfilment of Xeen's destiny. Look forward to it: I know I will.