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Part 12: Bonus Update 6.5: Temple of Yak

Bonus Update 6.5: Temple of Yak

The vote is pretty clearly in favour of doing Rivercity next, so that'll be our next destination. I was kind of hoping it'd turn out that way: going there opens up quite a few new options for us.

MS_Vox posted in the thread to ask what awards we'd earned so far, so here they are. Outstanding Citizen is the award for exposing Joe and saving Vertigo; the rest should be self-explanatory.

For a variety of reasons, it may be easier to hold off on doing the Temple of Yak until after Rivercity, but we went ahead and did it anyway. The description of the Yak Pools in the hintbook is a bit misleading: there's only one pool (the one that kills a character) that gives a one-time reward. The other pools either reward you as long as your stats are below a certain value, or don't reward you at all.

If you're not confident in your lich-fighting abilities, avoid coffins and the northwestern room. If you just want to run in and get the Elixir of Restoration, it's in the northeasternmost room, although you'll have to come back and pick up some of the Megacredits you passed by at some point.