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Part 17: Bonus Update 9.5: Castle Burlock, Witch Clouds

Bonus Update 9.5: Castle Burlock, Witch Clouds

I've had to censor quite a few things relating to quests and locations that are coming up later in the game, but I figured it was worth covering Castle Burlock now just so I could show you exactly why the Fire Dragon ruined me. 200 damage to the entire party is enough to take out everyone except Fubar, if characters don't get lucky and resist the damage. Even with the massive boosts from the wells and shrine, the party had to get the battle over with quickly to ensure that everyone survived.

Castle Burlock's layout is fairly straightforward: a ground level with most of the people in it, a dungeon with cells (and one secret room), and three towers.

The Witch Clouds feel bigger than the map makes them look, but there's not a lot of variety to them: four statues located near the corners of the area, a few swords, a few harpy nests and a lot of harpies. And yes, I'm eventually going to get to that bit in the southwest corner.