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Part 20: Bonus Update 11.5: Rivercity Area

Bonus Update 11.5: Rivercity Area

This update's vote is pretty clearly in favour of more outdoor exploration and questing, which is fine by me -- the faster we fill out more of the map, the more locations are available for us to choose from!

We've explored pretty much the entire area around Rivercity and Nightshadow now, although there's one dungeon we haven't yet entered and two towers we can't yet access. We'll eventually have to visit all three of them in order to win the game.

The monsters in this region range from nuisances to potentially deadly, especially if you wander around in the lake/sea/whatever-it-is as a low-level character. If you can handle all the enemies in Rivercity, you can probably handle the monsters in the outdoor areas around it.

The terrain of this area is fairly hostile to a party without the Pathfinder and Swimmer skills. You'll also need the Walk on Water spell if you want to travel through the sea (the darker-coloured water). Of course, you can use Walk on Water all the time instead of learning to swim, but it's more convenient to pay a few hundred gold for swimming lessons and be able to cross most of the water in the game without the aid of magic.

See you all next update!